1. Working More Than Other Jobs

This real estate field requires agents to work more than just a 9 to 5 job. Apart from that these property managers are barely allowed to take lunch breaks and leave their seats because their customers want them to be available 24/7. That’s obviously not possible but a little longer hours than usual jobs is what they least expect from their property manager.

2. Dealing with Short Tempered and Rude Tenants

Conflicts are very common in the real estate market and when these conflicts are with the rude and short-tempered clients who, when losing their temper get extremely harsh and abusive, becomes very difficult to handle. Managers have to be very patient and calm and polite when dealing with such clients and this is a really big challenge as it requires them to gulp up their ego and paint a smile on their faces no matter how humiliated they are feeling.

Also, most of the tenants leave all the junk behind when leaving the house. Most property managers use any junk removal service for that. Why? Because the use of junk removal services make it easier for them to engage in other stuff as junk removal services do their job.

3. Dealing with Negative Reviews

It’s true that the quality of service is not always the same, it varies and even this is true that not everyone has a good experience with something, every product, place, and service is both liked and disliked by different customers and so there are both good and bad reviews about everything. Just like that when there’s a customer who a property manager failed to satisfy due to any reason, gives negative reviews, it gets difficult to deal with it and calm the customer and make them happy by your efforts.

4. Bargaining

There are a few customers who are the kings of bargaining. They never want to settle for the price you quoted, they keep on negotiating and keep asking for more and more discounts and keep bargaining. It gets difficult to deal with them and then make sure no other customer gets to know about the rates of that deal so that they don’t follow the same annoying path.

5. Government Regulations

Government rules and regulations change every next day so it gets very difficult to explain it to the customer why the rates have increased and how indirect taxes have increased and how new policies regarding constructions have been changed.

6. Collecting Rent

This can be the toughest job trust me! Because not all tenants are rich, polite and willing to pay on time. Majority of the customers try to avoid their payment and will turn the collector down. If the property dealer isn’t assertive then it becomes very difficult to collect money from such stubborn clients who straight away refuse to pay and ask for extensions.

7. Unexpected Maintenance

Any maintenance like water leakage, wiring issues, lighting breakdown, too much junk or anything that arises at the last moment is always extremely annoying and irritating because the property manager has not planned for it and already has an extremely tough routine. So managing time to make arrangements for this unplanned maintenance is a very big challenge.

Again, if you are a property manager and house cleanout is difficult for you, it’s recommended to use a junk removal South Florida services.