Keith Thurman faces Manny Pacquiao on July 20th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, but is he prepared for the battle? The pair seem fairly evenly matched, with Pacquiao’s experience and feistiness, Thurman’s former reputation and passion for glory. Who will emerge triumphantly? Find the latest odds here

Following the career of Thurman, he seems to wipe his opponent from the ring with swift force, suffering 0 defeats and 22/24 KOs, he appears on paper, as a sure winner. However, when you delve into Thurman’s recent career you will notice that the run-up to this fight hasn’t exactly been easy, and currently, Thurman faces a pivotal moment. If he wins this fight, his career is on track for glory, if he loses, it’s looking as if down is the only direction for him.

Thurman has previously suffered from bone spurs in his elbow – occurring from repeated damage to the joint. In order to salvage his elbow from further issues, including osteoarthritis, surgery was necessary for 2017. This vital operation, unfortunately, led to Thurman being out of the ring for almost two years. In the time Thurman had away from boxing, he spent his peak years, rehabilitating his elbow through physiotherapy and fitness regimes, no fighting.  So naturally, we saw a big build-up towards his comeback fight against Josesito Lopez on January 26th, 2019.

The fight itself between Thurman and Lopez although on paper was a win for Thurman, there were some questionable scary moments where it had looked as if his return to the ring was a little too early. The 7th round was intense, and with a huge left hook and straight right from Lopez, Thurman looked as if his feet may no longer carry him and many anticipated his defeat. After some regrouping, he went on to win the fight by majority decision, a fight that would have been an easy win for the old Thurman. So the question is, just a mere seven months later, is the new ‘improved’ Keith Thurman ready to face an opponent like Manny Pacquiao?

Pacquiao has a fierce reputation, a boxer heading towards 40 years of age but has some incredible KOs and has frighteningly fast hands. He is no mediocre opponent, and even before Thurman’s surgery in the peak of his game, the Pac-Man would have been an opponent to be reckoned with.

So the question remains; is Thurman ready to take on an opponent like Pacquiao? Last month Pacquiao announced his anger towards Thurman, stating that he is searching for a KO against his opponent after Thurman ran his mouth at a press conference stating he would end the 40-year-old’s career and involving his religion, saying he would ‘crucify’ his opponent.  With Pacquiao angry and ready to put Thurman back in his place. Thurman needs to not only be completely recovered from his time out, but he needs to be on top form and more prepared than ever before.

Since his last fight in January, Thurman has been preparing for this fight as his big comeback to the ring. Lopez was a warm-up, a match that was designed to get Thurman familiar with the ring again; Pacquiao is the main event, the big wow factor that is going to propel Thurman’s career into the future.  Consistency in his training, fitness, and diet has led up to this moment, it’s time to see if it’s possible for Thurman to regain his former ‘One Time’ glory.

Who will you have back come July 20th? An angry fighter with a bucket load of experience and quick hands, or a recovered fighter with a big point to prove to the boxing community?