The US was acknowledged as the 4th most popular country to visit back in 2019 – one of the last normal years for traveling. There are good reasons for that – if you want to jet overseas, the US stands out as a picturesque country, especially now when you can take cheap business class flights to UK from US. In addition, the country stands out with vibrant nature, interesting wildlife, and various entertainments inside cities. 

Since COVID limitations have been weakened and a lot of directions are now open for tourists, it’s a crime now to miss the opportunities to visit new places on the map. So, if you are a fully vaccinated person and wish to spend a week or few abroad seeing some nice landscapes of the United States, welcome to our list of top US destinations that one can arrive at directly from the UK. This collection will be a treasure for those who only get acquainted with America and seasoned travelers who know firsthand what it is like to roam across the US. 

Explore the American Land: 7 Best Spots to Visit in 2022

One can take a direct flight to many US cities this year; these 7 are especially visit-worthy.

New York dream vacation

1. New York

Nothing compares to a promenade in the Central Park of New York City and catching the views of the High Line. Giant skyscrapers, huge department stores, and impressive shopping facilities coexist here in peace with historic attractions and parks. These days Rockefeller Center is open again, and there’s a new park on the banks of the Hudson River. 

The flight time from the UK is 7h 30 min. So to save some money on tickets, look for budget-friendly flight tickets to pay less and still be comfortable on the way. 

Washington DC dream vacation

2. Washington DC

As often happens with big cities, they never cease to amaze their guests with new sides and events. So coming to the US capital is worth it, at least because of the National Gallery of Art or the Museum of African American History and Culture, plus seeing the Capitol, White House, and the renowned Wrights’ plane in your own eyes. In nearly 8h of flight, you’ll be able to enjoy the sights. 

Seattle dream vacation

3. Seattle

Since Seattle is the heart of American crafts shopping and rare types of fine art, it’s a good idea to take a 10-hour flight and stop there for several days and breathe in its culture with the salty air of the Northwest coast. In addition, visitors have a chance to come closer to the city with boat rides, markets taking place in the open air, and new exhibitions. 

San Francisco dream vacation

4. San Francisco

If you live your whole life in San Francisco, there will still be many new activities to try there. Beautiful residential areas, buzzing marketplaces, movie-worthy views of the Golden Gate Bridge, and the mysteries of the world-famous prison island Alcatraz – all of that awaits keen British travelers around 11 hours from their homes. 

Boston dream vacation

5. Boston

Among the number of bright American cities, Boston often gets overlooked. However, this place boasts the status of the spot where the Founding Fathers got together, and the history was shaped. You’ll see the Old State House and cozy city squares, ride swan boats in the Common and Public Garden, see Harvard Art Museum, and more: 7 hours, and you’re there.  

San Diego dream vacation

6. San Diego

San Diego will be the correct destination for beach towns. It is located on California’s coastline and attracts hundreds and thousands of wave riders. In addition, youth will find it nice because of the active nightlife, bars, restaurants, and surfing facilities. All of that is within an 11-hour way from most of the United Kingdom’s airports.  

Chicago dream vacation

7. Chicago

Attending awesome sports events, admiring fancy architecture and art, riding along the Navy River, and walking the Millenium Park are only a tiny part of what to do in Chicago on weekends. As a fan of astronomy, you’ll find Adler Planetarium a must-visit. Lincoln Park Zoo, 360 Chicago, Lake Michigan – mark these places on your map if you happen to be in Chicago this summer. 


Whether you are a thrill seeker in search of adventures, a party animal, or a nature lover to discover all the animal and insect species in the United States, there will be something for you in the US this year. With its cities never sleeping and at the same time boasting green areas and clean nature, the country will leave an everlasting mark on your heart as you visit the recommended destinations and explore their historical, cultural, and natural wonders. 

Pick the place that intrigued you the most or visit them all and use your summer UK-US traveling chances to the fullest this year!