Whether it’s a place where you spend hours of your day or a place you come running to at the end of it, your bedroom is a haven for everyone! 

Unlike any other place in your home, the bedroom is not only where you seek comfort, but it’s a place where you carry out most of your essential daily tasks; the reason why its design and decor need a little more attention than you think! 

Lighting, which may make or break your space design, is a task that is both enjoyable and demanding. 

Depending on the size, interior, color, and layout of your bedroom, there is a lot you need to consider while choosing the lighting that serves your needs best. To get you started, here are some essential tips for selecting the ideal lighting for your bedroom

Size Matters

Whether it’s your bedroom, living room, or kitchen, the first thing to consider before thinking about how to style the room or which fixtures to buy is the size of your space. Neither do you want all nights in the face, nor do you want to let any space remain unilluminated; hence the right call is to consider the area and choose the lighting accordingly. 

If you have a tight space, ceiling and integrated wall lights are your best bet. Not only do they make your room look more expansive, but they also provide enough lighting without overcrowding the space. 

The cherry on top, you can use wall scones or suspended pendant lights to replace table lamps and free up more floor space. 

Just what one can’t do in a tight space, explore all of it if you have a larger one! Besides the main light, you must consider accent lighting, low-hanging fixtures, and task lights to ensure every corner of your bedroom is illuminated. 

Consider installing sculpture fixtures for a chic outlook or floor lamps for a minimal one in your vast space. Check out the reviews on the best ones at Lamps Lab.

Evaluate Your Needs

Whether you’re a gaming geek stuck on the console for hours, or you love watching your favorite series 24/7 on TV, you’ve got different light needs! Determining what you use your room the most for is essential in choosing the lighting you need. 

If you’re someone who dozes off while reading a book, bedside lamps, low-hanging pendants, and wall scones are a must in your room. Similarly, if you’re someone who needs an ambiance best suited for yoga or meditation, consider installing cove lights. 

Layer the Lights 

Experts suggest having at least three layers of lighting in your bedroom: ambient, decorative, and task lights, with each serving its purpose. 

While ambient lighting creates a general atmosphere in the space, task lighting provides focused illumination for certain activities. Decorative lighting, on the other hand, allows you to not only enhance the interior of the room but also add personality to your space. 

For the primary source, install overhead, ceiling, or recessed lights, while for special purposes, add scones, table lamps, or industrial pendants as task lights. If you’re opting for a Hollywood-style mansion-like look, decorate your space with a chandelier or sculpture-like fixtures. Opt for crystal bundle bulbs and vintage-style suspension pendants for a minimal look. 

Choose a Temperature 

You want it neither too bright nor too warm! Additionally, it’s a must not let the light tones clash. To take care of this, choose a light with an appropriate color temperature to take care of this. 

Ideally, a neutral to warm temperature gives a functional yet soothing effect. A color temperature between 2700 to 3000k for all combinations of your bedroom lights will create a relaxing environment. 

Choose a temperature of 2700k for your recessed or ceiling lights while a temperature of 3000k for your tasks lights to ensure they serve the purpose. The proper lighting temperature will make your experience in your bedrooms more pleasant.

end table lighting for your bedroom

Don’t Forget Night Lights

More than the first thing you need when you wake up, nightlights are there to show you the way! Neither too bright to flash in your eyes nor too dim, making you trip and fall, incorporate some warm and built-in lights for your nighttime wakeups. Install motion sensor tape lights to lead the way while saving space! 

Final Thoughts

While the opportunities to choose the lighting are ample, not finding the right combination will break your bedroom experience. 

Always select the main lighting that best suits your needs and combine them with decorative and task lights with suitable placements to give your bedroom an awe-inspiring look. Bedroom lighting is essential for relaxing and revitalizing you daily. Use these ideas to add some much-needed light and experience to your bedroom!