People have a love-hate relationship with spring cleaning. We love the benefits it provides us, like helping us avoid the symptoms of allergies or making us more productive. But there’s no denying that many people also hate the idea because they have to be inside just when the weather turns nice. Plus, the idea of cleaning the whole house is daunting.

Luckily, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be the drudgery you imagine it to be. Here’s more information on how to make this year’s cleaning painless and fast:

Make a List or Schedule

Look at your home objectively and pinpoint the rooms that need a lot of work. For instance, you might have skipped the garage or pantry during regular cleaning. These are probably the best places to start. Create a list of what you need to tackle per room. A sample list for your living room could look like this:

  • Dust moldings, baseboards, and ceiling corners
  • Wash doors and wall
  • Touch up paint
  • Clean windows
  • Polish wood furniture

A list will help keep you on track. You can even find the best cleaning checklist online if you don’t know how to make one.

Go Room by Room

The fastest and most effective way to do deep spring cleaning is to go room by room. Use your checklist to ensure that you don’t forget those areas that need special attention. Remember always to start cleaning from the ceiling and work your way down. This method will allow debris to fall downward and reduce the need to dust or clean the space several times. Make the work go faster by using a high-quality vacuum with an extension hose to clear dust and cobwebs from the ceiling and fans.

Organize and Downsize

Spring is the best time to declutter and downsize as the season makes people want to start fresh. Despite the controversy, the Konmari method can do wonders for effectively decluttering your home. It’s a good idea to sort your belongings into three groups – to store, throw away, or give away. You can even earn extra by holding a garage sale for items you don’t need or help others by donating them.

Decluttering and downsizing also has a positive impact on our psyche. It helps you get rid of things that weigh you down, reduces stress, and also lessens the dust or allergens you inhale.

Check Behind Closed Doors

There’s a good chance that places where we tend to hide things, like the pantry, closets, and drawers, are a mess. Spring is the perfect time to get them in order. Remove everything from the shelves or drawers and wipe them off. Start the decluttering process again and separate those you need from those you should let go.

Once that’s done, organize items by purpose. For instance, place all baking items stacked on one shelf so you can quickly get everything you need. Use clear containers and racks to organize things.

Clear the Air

Don’t forget to replace your air filters and deep clean your HVAC system. It is one of the most important, but overlooked, parts of spring cleaning. You want to make sure that your air remains clean, so upgrade your standard filter to one with a higher MERV rating. It’s more effective in catching smaller particles that could trigger an allergy or asthma attack.

Don’t Forget Your Windows and Lights.

Dirt and debris like pollen and dust can build up along your window panes, sills, and even light bulbs. Make sure that you clean both the interior and exterior panes to let in more light into your home. Clear the ledge so you can open and close windows effortlessly. It’s also an excellent idea to wipe light bulbs with a microfiber cloth. Dirty bulbs give off 20 percent less light. A simple wipe down will help you save energy and money.

Wear Protective Clothing.

Spring cleaning will dislodge all the dust that accumulated on fixtures and furniture during winter. Keep yourself safe from allergic reactions and skin irritations by wearing protective clothing. This could be something as simple as scarves and a hairnet, to the more specialized gear like masks and rubber gloves.

Say goodbye to the dark colors of winter and set a new tone at home with your spring cleaning. You can easily give your home a fresh feeling just by clearing out your drawers, wiping down walls, and putting out new table linens or curtains.