Of course, everyone wants their bedroom to look great. If you’re looking to make changes to the design of your bedroom, then you’ve come to the right place. Before you make any decisions to hire an interior designer, think about it again more critically. You don’t necessarily need to spend on an interior designer or spend a fortune on furniture to get that luxurious look. We would like to recommend you to check 4 piece bedroom furniture sets sale now on at Furniture in Fashion to suit your style and needs. Here are some unique bedroom ideas that will make your bedroom come alive and luxurious.

Invest in bedding material

The best part about pristine and cozy bedrooms is the comfy beds. If you want to feel comfy and at home, you should start by doing a makeover on your bed. Aside from having freshly laundered and pressed sheets, crisp cotton bedding is recommended.

They say anything bespoke is the highest form of luxury. So, as an added spice to your unique bedroom décor ideas, you can get some customized, tailored bedding. Stores like Vision Bedding offered 3D bedding and themed bedding, where you can even use your photos as designs, or pick from a variety of themes such as sports, vehicles, or nature.

In addition to that, you can also make a DIY linen spray tinted with lavender or rose oils to make your sheets more soothing, and you will want to find the right mattress for your bed based on your individual needs. For example, you may consider memory foam and latex mattresses depending on which one will help you sleep better. This is a recipe for the best night’s sleep while making your bedroom look stunning.

Dress up your walls with elegance

Even though in trend, bare white walls that give off a minimalist look is not very appealing to everyone. On the contrary, it can make your bedroom look very dreary and stark. Slowly begin embracing colors, paint, or wallpaper patterns to give your bedroom a warmer and designed look to make it come alive.

However, make sure that the colors are well contrasting with the other elements of your room, such as your rugs and furniture. More than the color on your walls, you can also put up some decorative pieces.

Here are some wall ideas that might interest you.

  • Plain-colored wallpaper with texture
  • Floral wallpaper
  • Color-painted walls
  • Hanging up paintings

Incorporate a headboard that stands out

One of the first things you see when coming into a bedroom is the headboard. Adding an elegant headboard is an incredible way to give that glam factor to your bedroom. Your headboard does not need to be expensive to exude luxury. It only has to have a bold color, notable height, unique shape, or attractive fabric like velvet or linen. Just those things, and you’ll be sure that it will add a hint of grandeur to your bedroom.

Lighting is everything

For your bedroom to come alive, you must feature glamorous lighting. Yes, natural light is vital for this, and the best part is it’s free. If you have some windows in your room, don’t ruin the natural light by getting thick, opaque curtains. Get curtains that are white and translucent to enable natural light to simmer in. Sheer, white curtains are the best formula to let some soft light come in.

Light fixtures are also a must to take into account when designing your bedroom. This can be in the form of table lamps, pendants, ceiling lights, or statement lights to add that tinge of luxury. You also might want to consider a lighting fixture with a shiny finish such as glass, crystals, or gold. Another tip is to choose a signature lamp with an unusual feature or shape to upscale your bedroom.

Add stylish seating furniture

If you have a large bedroom and can still accommodate space for seating, you might want to put that space into good use. Consider adding an accent chair or bench in front of your bed. If you have a bigger space, you can also add a simple couch in front.

You can see this element of design in most boutique hotels as a styling trick. This will not only add aesthetics to the room, but it will also be useful by giving you an area to have coffee or to sit and read a book.

Add mirrors in your bedroom

Another trick designers use to add some glamour to bedrooms is to place mirrors either on the wall or just a stand-alone one in a corner. This little element will add some glitz to the walls and create greater depth, making the space look bigger. Again, select mirrors with a unique shape with a gilded finish. This seemingly small element that’s often taken for granted can go a long way in adding style to your bedroom.

Pile up on pillows

In every hotel bedroom, we can observe that most have a number of throw pillows on the bed. In this case, these pillows are not for functional use; instead, it’s for design purposes. There’s a reason for that, and it’s to create a more decadent look for the bedroom.

Usually, the right mix would be a combination of large Euro-sized pillows, three to four small throw pillows, and two standard-sized pillows. As a standard rule, these pillows shouldn’t take up more than a fourth of the length of the bed. As for the material of the cushions, good fabrics are velvet, faux fur, or silk to give you an incredible night’s sleep.

Throw in a plush blanket

In most hotels, you can find a soft throw blanket on the top ends of the bed. Investing in just one of these can jazz up a plain bed. The material for this blanket can be fleece, suede, or knitted. Moreover, it also creates texture and a comfy feel to your bedroom. What’s nice is that a plush pillow is not that expensive. It can also be easily bought in your local department stores.

Don’t let the little luxuries slip away

Now that you have the bedding and walls covered don’t forget about the little details. Remember, the devil is in the details. Details also have to be carefully thought out and planned to get the effect that you want.

The little details that set apart one bedroom from another are just a few tiny things. For instance, having a water carafe and a gold cup on your bedside table will make a big difference. It accentuates an element of luxury in that little detail. Another example is some magazines or lamps on your tables to give it a hospitable effect.

Accentuate with some fresh greenery

Never underestimate the power of fresh plants. Sure, those plastic plants will be more convenient for you, but if you want your bedroom to feel alive, you must have real fresh plants or flowers. This will not only make your room look better, but it will add that fancy factor to your bedroom.

You don’t need a grand display of a flowery bouquet. You’ll just need a simple arrangement of flowers, some fern, or bonsai. If you opt for flowers, it’s best to go for one kind that is abundantly in season. Add a little bleach to the water you use to water your plants, and that will instantly extinguish smelly bacteria. Some florals with subtle scents are peonies, garden roses, and hyacinth.

Add some candles to your bedroom

Scented candles will give your bedroom a scent that makes it come alive. This will help you relax more in your room. Another tip is to buy candles with longer burn time in glasses as opposed to those that are bare. Here are some recommended scents depending on the season:

  • Spring – citrus, fig, or floral scents
  • Winter – firewood, sandalwood, or cedar scents

Create a built-in bookcase and accentuate it with a rug

Again, having something bespoke is thought of to be the highest form of luxury. If you could have a built-in bookcase made on your walls, not only would it speak of intellect, but it will also maximize space while putting more character and personality into your bedroom. Open shelving proposes a more accepting and open personality.

Another addition that you can put in your room is a large rug. This rug will make your room look larger. It will also add some contrast to your room, making it look airier. You can also choose to layer out rugs to bring out more texture. However, you must remember that the colors and patterns must also go with the overall theme or design of the room.

Wear the hat and make it your own

An important factor that will make your room look more alive is to inject some things of yourself into it or make it your own. Personalize your room or add some statement pieces that will reflect yourself as an individual. Since you’ll be the one staying there, the elements of the design must have something that you love in them. If you are into art, then add some of your favorite paintings or some works done by yourself. If you love music, then you can set up a multi-purpose space to display your instruments.

Style the clutter in your room

Keeping a bedroom that is free of any mess is about impossible. A trick you can do is to have “organized clutter” lying around in your room, which will also be part of the design of your room. By doing this, your room will not look dead like a showroom. Instead, it will seem like someone is living in it.

There’s a difference between bad clutter and good clutter. For instance, a stack of magazines or books up against the wall can be good clutter. You can also add some personal things to your bedside tables like earrings, a watch, or picture frames. On the other hand, examples of bad clutter are dirty clothes scattered on the floor, tangled up electrical cords, or stacks of paper. These kinds of clutter are just messed that were not kept.

Be creative with storage spaces

Be practical and creative when it comes to storage. Another way to take control of your unnecessary clutter is to have hidden storage places. This way, the clutter will be kept from a visitor’s eyes.

Examples of hidden storage are stored in your bed frame or under your bed. Storage spaces can also be in the form of cabinets in walls without a handle. For instance, you can also add a console table, upholstered divan, or storage chest to double as a design and storage area.

When designing your room, you must take into account hidden storage spaces. Especially when you will be living in the house for a long time, your things will tend to accumulate. To take preventive measures, it’s best to think about this at the onset. In retrospect, you’ll thank yourself in the future for this.

Redistribute your artwork

You must put artwork in strategic areas of the room. Don’t put them all in one place, and don’t have them scattered around too much. The artwork was made to be seen by people. The same goes for your bedroom. Don’t leave your bedroom lacking in art just because it is not a public space. You can leave the artwork hanging on the wall or lean it against the wall.

Stick to a theme

To wrap it up, you must stick with one theme overall. To look luxurious, your bedroom must not look like a mess or all over the place. Make sure that the colors you use go with each other, different patterns are kept to a minimum, and, in all things, it must be symmetrical. This creates a balance in the room that will lead to a more even distribution of things.

Conclusion: What makes a bedroom come alive or luxurious is not expensive furniture or paintings; rather, it lies with the creativity of the owner. It’s those little thoughtful and creative details that make all the difference. Just follow the tips above, and you can also make your bedroom look plush and vibrant with a tinge of luxury. Now, go on and turn your bedroom into a fancy hotel room. Happy designing!