Whether you’re looking to organize a corporate event or a private party, Brooklyn offers you some of the best event venues. While many people prefer to host events in Manhattan, it’s worth noting that Brooklyn is affordable with so much to offer. It is a perfect NYC location with venues that will complete your guests’ experiences.

How do you make sure that you choose the right Brooklyn event space to make your event a success? Here are 7 things to consider when searching for event space:

1. Layout

You need to know the activities you include in your event program and how they fit into the event space. It is best to take a look at the venue’s floor plan while paying attention to some of the important things like exits, AV equipment, and the like.

Having the layout and floor plan in mind will help you determine traffic flow through the event. You will be able to tell those areas that are likely to experience high traffic in advance. Most importantly, it will inform your set up. It is also when you can decide if you need a stage, a demo area, or a bar and not on the event’s day.

2. Location

The location of the Brooklyn event space you choose is important because it needs to reach most attendees. If the majority of attendees will be coming in from outside Brooklyn, then you would want to consider picking a venue near the airport or where they will be residing.

If you want to minimize lateness incidences by attendees, you can provide all the important information they need to access the venue with ease. You will do well to create attention-grabbing posters for events with exhibitions or parallel sessions so that attendees can navigate conveniently.

3. Services and amenities

If you plan to host a party, it is obvious that you will serve food and drinks. Therefore, when scouting for a venue, you must check if there is a functional kitchen you can access or you need to pay a fee to access it. Also important are table linens, chairs, and tables for the event. Not all venues provide these, so it is important to check to be sure about who will be providing them.

You don’t want to find yourself stranded at the Brooklyn event space because of post-event clean up. Ensure you have prior information on who will be setting up the venue and cleaning up after the service. It is advisable to go for a venue that offers both services. Other important amenities include audiovisual equipment and washrooms.

4. Accessibility

You need to know who your event attendees are and if there are any special needs so that you select a space accessible by all together with its amenities. Equally important is access to the event space by children, especially if you’re hosting a party. They should be not only able to access the venue but also be safe.

5. Ambiance

No matter how tasty the food is or how decorated a speech is, your event venue’s ambiance could ruin every memorable thing about your event. You need to pay attention to the architecture and style of the event space to ascertain the message it conveys. The venue you choose for a gala dinner will be different from the space you will use for an expo.

6. Flexibility and cost on the event date

It is pointless to book a Brooklyn event space that lacks flexibility on the event day. You want to go for a venue that allows you the flexibility to make certain changes on the day of your event. This may mean having two or so preferred dates before confirming the actual date or making changes in terms of the setup and amenities you have access to.

7. Acoustics

When choosing a Brooklyn event space, you must make sure that the event space has the best acoustics and that you can comfortably hear others without shouting. You don’t have to wait for the day of the event to find out if the space has good acoustics. It can ruin your day.

When choosing your Brooklyn event space, make sure there is enough room to accommodate all your guests. You also need to make sure you meet the Covid-19 safety guidelines of keeping social distance.