There has been a Gaelic revival in Europe and the United States, which means most Irish things have been receiving a lot of attention lately. The Irish definitely have a rich culture that has been largely obscured through recent history.

Those that are proud of their Irish heritage will boldly proclaim it and behave accordingly. It is a great thing to feel a deep connection to your roots.

However, many people of Irish descent have forgotten about their heritage. It is up to you to help your culture and tradition continue.

The following are ways you can honor your Irish heritage:

Increase Your Gaelic Knowledge

The first and foremost thing you should do to honor your Irish heritage is to learn about the culture. Knowledge reigns supreme, and if the more you know about your heritage, the more you can do to honor it.

Thanks to the internet, it has never been easier to learn about your roots. There is so much information that will help you learn as much as you can about your culture.

You should especially learn about your Irish ancestors. You would not be here without them. Moreover, learning about them will help you establish a connection with them.

One thing you can do is to research your genealogy. If you can study your family tree, you can know a great deal about your Irish heritage. 

Learn Irish

Another great way to honor your Irish is to learn the language. A language will reveal very much about people and their history. You will be especially surprised by the influence the Irish language has had on English.

Many Irish people don’t know Irish and may even think that the Irish only speak English but with an Irish accent. What you should know is that the accent comes from speaking a different language.

There are also many resources you can use both online and offline to learn how to speak Irish. The key is to practice and speak the language as often as possible, and you will soon appreciate it.

Learn about Irish Customs

Every culture in the world, whether ancient or modern, can be identified by its customs. The customs are a very important part of the culture as it is how traditions are passed along into the future.

You should especially learn about Irish celebrations, which are a hoot and a half. You should learn about the various Irish birthday wishes that exist. Many of the birthday traditions today originate from the English.

When you find customs that you can adhere to, you should try practicing them. They will help you connect with your culture more deeply, especially if you do them with other Irish people.

Listen to Irish Music

Another great way to learn about and honor your Irish heritage is to listen to their music. Music will always tell you a lot about people and their culture.

Certain instruments are used in traditional Irish music, such as horns, flutes, and harps. The blend of the instruments is what results in the peculiar and unique sound that is Irish music.

There is Irish music for every occasion. Some might be upbeat and celebratory, while some will be sad and melancholic. 

irish countryside

Play Irish Sports

Almost every culture in the world has produced its own set of sports and games. Irish culture is no different, and to honor your heritage; you should play at least one traditional Irish sport.

The two main sports that you can find today, albeit with much effort, are Gaelic football and Hurling. You can start by looking at videos on YouTube and learning about how the games are played.

Irish people have traditionally been famous for their physical toughness and fighting spirit. Irish sports embody their reputation, and you should be prepared for a physical challenge and fun and enriching experience.

If you do nothing else on this list, you should travel to Ireland to honor your Irish heritage. Nothing could teach you more about your heritage than standing in the land of your ancestors.

Traveling to Ireland will give you a firsthand experience of the Irish culture as it exists today. However, you will also learn plenty about elements of the tradition that have stood since time immemorial.

Therefore, if you want to deeply and truly honor your Irish heritage, book a flight and see Ireland for yourself.

There are many more ways that you can honor your Irish heritage. Eating Irish food and drinking Irish whiskey are also fun ways to do so.

The tips on this list will offer a great starting point for finding out about your Irish heritage. The key is not to learn only but to also apply what you learn.