Choosing the perfect engagement ring can be real science. It is a very personal piece of jewelry that should primarily match its future wearer’s personality and taste. However, we shouldn’t ignore fashion trends either. These are heading in the direction of more and more individuality and originality. While a white gold engagement ring with a solitaire diamond and simple band is still hanging on to its leading position, less traditional types of rings are hot on its heels. And what about color gemstones, rose gold, or a design with multiple diamonds?

Be inspired by this overview of the most popular engagement rings right now from the KLENOTA jewelry studio and discover among them the one for you!

1. A classic solitaire ring

A simple gold band and one distinctive diamond in a round cut. This is the most classic type of engagement ring, which leaves no one doubts about the occasion it was given at.

2. The halo ring

Romantic women who prefer more distinctive jewelry will especially appreciate halo rings. These feature a central stone surrounded by diamonds all the way around, which intensifies its sparkle.

3. A pavé ring

A timeless classic with extra sparkle, the pavé is a ring with a diamond in an emerald cut and the entire band set with small diamonds, pavé style. This type of ring looks very good in combination with a wedding eternity ring.

4. A luxury solitaire

A ring with an unmissable stone is a dream for many women, and an engagement can be the moment when they can fulfill this dream.

5. Non-traditionally shaped ring

A gentle and romantic ring with a central white diamond combined in a timeless design with an original element in a band that looks like two intertwined rings.

6. A color diamond

Engagement rings with color gemstones are gaining in popularity. Let yourself be seduced by a charming blue diamond, which has all the attractive qualities of a white diamond, such as durability and endurance, as well as an appealing color.

7. Sapphires

A ring with a sapphire and diamonds is a classic design and at the same time attracts attention at first sight. The noble blue sapphire makes it an elegant and timeless piece. Notice an engagement ring in a similar style on the hand of Duchess Kate.

8. Matching set

An engagement and a wedding ring don’t have to compete. On the contrary, they can complement each other perfectly in their design. For instance, a wavy wedding ring adapts in shape to the engagement ring, which features three diamonds, and together they form a perfectly matched pair.