Planning for a wedding is exciting. However, it can also be overwhelming, considering the big decisions you have to make. For example, choosing wedding flowers is among the enormous decisions requiring your attention. Without the proper knowledge, you might choose flowers that will ruin your wedding style instead of enhancing it.

If you’re planning to choose your wedding flowers and don’t know how to go about it, you’re in the right place. This article will discuss some important tips to help you choose the best flowers for your wedding. Read on to learn more.

Stick To Your Budget

Weddings are expensive affairs, and flowers are an aspect that can hike the budget. To ensure you stick to your available resources, do some research on different flower shops to get a better deal. Florists will show you different flowers at different costs. They’ll also offer some advice on cheaper alternatives to fit your budget. Do your research early and avoid choosing the first flowers you come across with. Failure to do so, and you might miss gorgeous flowers at a lower price.

Accessorize With Blooms

Depending on your style, your wedding gown might not have a veil, train, or tiara. If your wedding dress as such, it’s advisable to complement it with flowers. For instance, if your dress lacks a train, consider long, trailing stems, such as orchids, jasmine, calla lilies, and some greeneries, like ferns, to create a flow arrangement to enhance the shape.

If you’re wearing crystals or race on your chest or sleeves, complement the texture with a bouquet of daisies, hydrangea, and gypsophila. You can also pop your gems with large, lightly colored flowers, like peonies or gardenias.

This theme also applies to bridesmaids. Flowers for bridesmaids should match the style and color of their outfits to ensure they look classy and stylish.

red and white roses as wedding flowers

Flower Meanings

Most couples settle for flowers with sentimental value to them. If you’re keen on the meaning of each flower, research them carefully. For instance, red symbolizes passion. Lilies stand for honor and truth, while dahlias stand for commitment and an everlasting bond.

Nevertheless, not all flowers symbolize positivity; orange lilies stand for disdain and hatred, and yellow carnations symbolize rejection. Given that no one would want negative florals for their wedding, ensure to do thorough homework.


Select flowers that bloom in your wedding season to save money on flowers since they’ll be plenty. Also, it will be easier to find flowers during their season. Moreover, flowers are more beautiful in their season.

For example, if your wedding is in spring, you might consider choosing tulips and peonies since their plenty during this season. In summer, orchids and roses bloom accordingly. If your wedding will be in the fall, you can settle for sunflowers and chrysanthemums. On the other hand, you might consider going for poinsettias and paperwhites if your wedding is during winter.


Flowers can match, replicate, play, or complement your wedding color scheme. It’s recommended to use your wedding color palette when choosing flowers. Choose a different monochrome style with a pop of different colors, such as navy blue and pink, or settle for colors that complement each other, such as mint green and blush. The flowers should also complement your gown.

Wedding Style And Venue

Your wedding style and the venue play a considerable role in determining the type of flowers to choose. If you’re having a beautiful city wedding, you might consider choosing sophisticated but straightforward arrangements. Nevertheless, wildflowers might be a good choice if your wedding goes down in a spectacular country garden.


The smell is probably the last thing you can think about when choosing wedding flowers. However, it shouldn’t. Your wedding day should create beautiful memories, from the bride to the groom to bridesmaids, and up to the reception and the fragrance. Flowers provide beauty and fragrance at the same measure. Therefore, nothing should be overlooked.

Lavenders got you sorted if you want your wedding venue to be calm and relaxing. Hydrangeas do just that for those looking forward to creating strong and sweet memories through fragrance. When selecting wedding flowers, consider the fragrance you’d want during the big day.


Choosing wedding flowers might sound easy. However, you can mess up your big day without proper knowledge of what to look out for. Nevertheless, understanding what you want, the impression you want to make, and your theme color can help you decide on the best flowers. The flowers of your choice should also complement your gown; else, the color and style will clash. If you find it challenging to select the best flowers for your wedding, consider working with a florist for a professional touch.