As you enter the autumn years of your life, retirement should be something you are looking forward to. You have spent more than half your life working so you have earned the right to enjoy your old age. With any luck, you will have a rewarding pension package as well as some hard-earned savings too. Some people might find it hard to think of what to do when they retire. This article aims to give you 8 fun and rewarding things to do after you retire. 

Travel The World

One of the most fun and rewarding things you can do when you retire is travel. Without the restrictions of work, you can go whenever you like. This means that you can enjoy places when they are less busy too, which would be preferable as an older person. Traveling a lot is expensive and something that should be saved for accordingly. It is also important to have a reliable travel insurance provider if you are finding that you are not quite as healthy as you used to be. Having the opportunity to travel after you retire is such a luxury and should be relished. Experiencing new places is one of the most fun and rewarding things you can do in retirement. 

retired couple enjoying life


Although you might be thinking that your body is not what it was 30 years ago, there is no reason why you can’t still take regular exercise. Rather than having to try and fit a quick gym session into your workday, you can afford to spend more time doing less intense exercise. Long walks are a good option or try your hand at some casual tennis. It is not too late to learn a new sport and the health benefits of regular exercise in old age are immense. It is important to keep fit and active as you get older and it can be one of the most fun and rewarding things you can do in retirement. 

Arts and Crafts

You don’t have to be a brilliant artist to take up arts and crafts in your retirement. Maybe painting is something you never got the chance to try or you just enjoy the socialness of the classes. Having a project to focus on and a skill to develop is important in retirement. Some people struggle without having goals in their work-life anymore and benefit from working on something fun. There are many different ways to enjoy arts and crafts in retirement you just have to find the right one for you.

retired couple enjoying life


The past time of many pensioners but it is a fun and rewarding one at that. Again, with the extra time that you have, you can focus and tend to your garden in ways that you were not previously able to. If you don’t have your own outside space, there will be plenty of community gardens that you can help out in instead. Doing this could also be a good social experience and giving back to your neighborhood would be fun and rewarding. 


Cooking is the joy of many people’s lives. Often it can be hard to find the time to make an elaborate meal, especially when you are spending so much time at work. Now that you have more time you can try and make all the things that you’ve always wanted to. If you were not a keen cook before retirement, maybe now is the time to give it another go. Invite some friends around and enjoy a meal together. Cooking is one of the most fun and rewarding things you can do in retirement. 

Join A Book Club

Staying social and keeping your mind active is a really important part of retirement. It is easy to feel lonely without the regularity of seeing workplace friends. Book clubs are a great way of having some directed reading as well as allowing you to think critically about a piece of work. Often you will find that other members will have a view on a book or an insight that you had not thought of, which may change your perspective. It is also healthy to have discussions about aspects that you might disagree with people on. Maintaining a discourse with other members of your community is a really fun and rewarding thing to do in retirement.


If you have not quite had enough of working, or would like to dedicate your time to a good cause, volunteering can be a really rewarding thing to do. Local charities always need an extra pair of hands so if you are looking for a way to help out, ask what they might need. Even if it is just a couple of hours working a till in a charity shop on the weekends, this can be a great way to help those in need. You don’t have to dedicate a huge amount of time but if you want to help, volunteering is a fun and rewarding thing to do in retirement. 

Research Your Family Tree

Genealogy is one of the most popular past times for retirees. For some reason, family members don’t always ask their parents or grandparents anything about their parents or grandparents which makes family histories forgotten. Researching your family tree can be a great gift to pass down the generations and can be super interesting too. You might find out about a heritage line that you didn’t know about or even a long-lost relative. Genealogy is a fun and rewarding way to spend your time in retirement. 

retired couple enjoying life

Retire In Style

When it comes to retiring you shouldn’t see it as the end of the road. This is the beginning of a new chapter and there are so many ways that you can spend your time. As long as you are smart with your savings, you should be able to enjoy all life has to offer. Find the things that you enjoy and try new experiences that you didn’t have time for when you were working. Make the most of it and retire in style.