Dubai is one of the best places in the world to reside in and work. The word that is most often used to describe life in Dubai is ‘luxurious.’ However, ‘busy’ also constantly crops up in conversations about the place. The roads, metro, working environment, and even the days spent at home are busy. Is there a way to save time and money and make your stay in Dubai easier? 

The following insightful tips will help you save money and allow you to get more time for yourself and your family. Also, you will be able to organize your time and money more effectively. 

  • Get an NOL Card

One thing you should do once you arrive in Dubai is to get yourself an NOL card. The card helps get around the city using public transport such as buses and the metro. Is the card still necessary if I don’t plan on using public transport? Even if you have personal traveling arrangements in place, the card will still help access other services. For example, you can use the NOL card to pay for parking fees, thus allowing you to avoid the headache of worrying about spare change to feed the parking meters. Also, you can use it at Zoom stores, usually located at metro and gas stations, for admission into popular public parks within the city and even pay taxi fares. You can use the many different types of passes available in Dubai to save money on travel using the metro system.

  • Using a VPN to Stream Content

A reliable Virtual Private Network service is a must-have if you want to watch content such as movies that are not available in Dubai. It is impossible to watch Hotstar in UAE Dubai since the channels are unavailable in the region due to licensing and copyright rules and regulations. Content owners usually use an IP tracking algorithm to lock out users who access the content from areas outside the allowed steaming regions. However, equipped with a VPN, you can trick the IP tracking system and watch your favorite shows in Dubai. A VPN will re-route all your internet traffic through a server located in a location of your choice, making it appear that you are located in one of the allowed streaming locations. It would be best to keep in mind that not all VPN services will bypass all the hawk-eyed blocking algorithms put in place by the content owners. Therefore, you must choose a reliable service that is compatible with your device and is cost-effective. You do not have to miss your favorite shows while in the region. 

  • Online Grocery Shopping

According to a recent study, people spend an average of at least 45 minutes on every supermarket or grocery store visit. In a year, that would amount to over 60 hours spent on just purchasing groceries! The ability to shop for your groceries online will help you find time for other tasks during the day. Although there are many supermarkets in Dubai, you will realize that you end up buying a lot of things you don’t need or spend a lot of time just perusing through the products. Online shopping will help you avoid the temptation of flashy marketing and buying useless things or buying in bulk unnecessarily. As long as you stick to the list, add them to your cart and check out immediately, online shopping is much more straightforward. Most supermarkets in the region have an easy-to-use online grocery system with an efficient local digitalized delivery network. You can have your groceries delivered to you within minutes of placing your order. Also, most stores offer incentives such as shipping vouchers and coupons if you use their online service. Shopping for your groceries online will make your stay more comfortable and stress-free.

  • Download All Essential Government Apps

Downloading official government applications is vital in saving both time and money. The mPay app is a one-stop platform that enables you to pay for all your utility bills. There is an RTA app to help you figure out how to get around the city using the public transport system, and the Dubai Police App will help you register minor accidents and access other crucial police services. Be on the lookout for government initiatives that develop more user-friendly apps to improve services in Dubai. 

men downloading a government app in Dubai

Dubai has risen to become a leading destination for job opportunities and holidaying. While there, ensure that you follow all the government directives and regulations at all times. The people of Dubai are amicable and hospitable. If you ever need any help, do not hesitate to seek it from the locals.