Owning a pool is all fun and games until you realize quite how much maintenance it takes to keep the pool clean and in good shape. Without proper care and cleaning your pool the filters can break, algae builds and the water can even turn green in more severe cases. Let’s face it, nobody wants to hang out by a pool that has green, dirty water. So, to make sure that never happens to your pool, you need to put in the time and dedication to keep it spick and span. 

Here are 8 useful tips on how to keep your pool clean and well-maintained. 

1. Use A Robotic Cleaner

First and foremost, using a robotic cleaner can change your life! It does a huge chunk of the work and all you have to do is pop it in the pool. A good quality robotic pool cleaner can suck up all the loose debris from the pool floor and surface removes grim by scrubbing the pool floor and walls and can even climb the walls to scrub along the waterline. Not every robotic cleaner is capable of this, but the more sophisticated ones are well worth the cost as they can save you a lot of hassle. There are some models that even use smart navigation technology to clean each section of the pool at once. This is a whole lot better than a lost robot who keeps getting stuck in the corner every five minutes. 

2. Have A Large Net Nearby

Another useful tool to own is a big net, it is simple but effective. Having a large net nearby your pool will encourage you to do sweeps of the pool surface if you notice leaves, debris, bugs, or anything else building on the waterline. Sometimes it is more beneficial to do a sweep of the surface once a day than anything else as this reduces the need for excessive cleaning in the long run. Also, a net will cost next to nothing so you don’t have to worry about forking out a tonne of money to help keep your pool beautiful and safe to swim in

3. Clean The Filter

The filter in your pool is incredibly important to keep your pool running and clean. Consider your pool’s filter like a kidney – kidneys act to remove impurities from your body much like filters that act to remove impurities from the water. To clean your filter you first need to turn it off and then remove the filter cap. Once you have taken out the filter basket you then get to start the fun part and remove all the debris, leaves, bugs, and any other kind of junk that finds its way in. If you are really keen, you can try to clean your filter out every few weeks, but anytime up to 3 months will be enough to keep it working well. However, if you live in an area with lots of rain then you will need to clean it more regularly.

Also, it is worth noting that you should clean out the pipes used by your filter system and you can do this by setting your filter to backwash. Finally, you mustn’t turn the filter on and off too often as this can cause damage to the filter’s mechanics. 

4. Use A Tennis Ball To Absorb Oils

This next little trick is not widely known, however, it is extremely effective! Your pool will fill up with oils over time as swimmers will have suntan lotion on, hair products and bodies produce natural oils too. All of which get left behind in the water when swimmers exit the pool. The solution to this is to throw a tennis ball into the pool. It is nice and simple and the fibers on the tennis ball absorb the oils and prevent a slick sheen from developing on the water surface. This tip costs next to nothing and requires no effort on your behalf, so it really is a win-win. 

5. Check The Water Quality

Another important component of pool care is regularly checking the water quality and ensuring it has the right chlorine level at all times. To do this you may have to add chemicals to the pool, as without the right balance your pool can begin to become cloudy, murky, and be potentially dangerous to swim in. Try to keep the pool’s pH balance between 7.4 and 7.6. In the summer months, you will need to check the water quality at least once a week, but during the winter months, you can typically check every couple of weeks. 

6. Check The Water Levels

The next thing you will need to do is to regularly check the water levels. If the water levels are too low this can cause issues for the pump and can lead it to dry up. Alternatively, if the water levels are too high this can prevent the skimmer door from working as well as it should be. Naturally, the water levels will go up and down, especially after heavy storms or after frequent usage, so make sure you check the water levels frequently. 

well-maintained pool

7. Skimming And Scrubbing Are Essential

As much as it can be a pain to do, skimming and scrubbing are essential parts of pool maintenance. Skimming can be easily done with a large net, as mentioned earlier. Scrubbing will not have to be done as regularly as skimming but it will need to be done between one to every two weeks to keep your pool looking fresh. If you do not have a robotic cleaner then you will have to scrub the sides of your swimming pool yourself and use a scrub brush to make sure you tackle any grime building up. 

8. Schedule A Professional Clean Once In A While

While you can do most of your pool maintenance by yourself, now and again your pool will significantly benefit from professional servicing. Professionals will make sure every inch of your pool is clean and working smoothly. This does not have to be a regular occurrence and you could probably do it once a year. This will also help prolong your pool’s life as it will be getting the care it needs. 

With these 8 useful pool maintenance tips, you can make sure that your pool stays in great shape. So let the fun and entertainment continue by giving your pool the love and care it needs.