Roofs are one of the first things you see when you look at a home, but one of the least maintained areas. That’s because roofs are designed to be replaced once every 30 years, but often aren’t until problems with their structure begin to appear. Roofs can be the costliest component of a home, and they require a specialist to fix. However, you can take steps towards improving the longevity of your roof by performing careful maintenance instead of an entire replacement. 

Tips On How to Maintain Your Roof 

When you are purchasing, selling, remodeling, or rehabbing your home, your roof is one of the first items on the list you should check off. Here are some ways you can maintain your roof to improve its condition.

Inspect the Shingles

Every season that passes, you will need to review the roof’s shingles to ensure they don’t need to be replaced. Weather can cause damage to the shingles. For example, snow and ice can cause leaks, while excessive heat and sun can make shingles shrink and curl. Shingles sometimes crack and fall off, where you will need to replace them. You can check for decay beneath shingles and make sure the caulk near the flashing is still good. 

Clean Out Gutters

You can protect your roof by preventing the gutters from piling up with debris. Your gutters can get filled with gunk that causes water to overflow. When water gets backed up in gutters, it can eventually erode the roofing sealant and create leakages. You need to keep the gutter clean so that the water can be drained. 

Trim Trees Around Your Roof

Trees often fall and collapse onto roofs. Branches can also cause leaves to accumulate on the roof. Branches that fall loose from trees during storms can potentially damage your roof. You don’t want a natural disaster to happen during a heavy storm. 

Treat for Moss, Algae, Lichen, and More

Every year algae, moss, and lichen grow on your roof naturally. This tends to happen when the weather gets warmer, and that can make your home unsightly over time. You can have a professional clean it and regularly get your roof maintained by applying zinc and copper. These products help to deter this kind of overgrowth. 

Replace Caulk Around the Flashings

Around the roof’s vent pipes, chimney, and skylights, your roof has flashings that seal out water. When the caulking is intact, water is unable to leak past the roof. The caulk should be replaced annually. You can check to see if it is okay by looking for chunks of old caulks and open gaps. 

Get Light Maintenance

You can learn what kind of roofing maintenance you can receive by reading more information on With the help of a professional, you can get roofing repairs without having to replace your entire roof. They can also update you on the roof’s status and how many years it may have left before requiring a complete replacement. 

Get Roof Maintenance Tips From Homecare Experts

If you aren’t sure that your roof needs replacement or repair, you should ask a roofing expert to review it. There may be issues you overlooked, as a professional will know what to look for. A specialist can help you make sure your roof’s infrastructure is undamaged.