We get tired of eating the same things. We get tired of wearing the same things. We get tired of doing the same things. So why should we be stuck with outdated looks in our home? There’s nothing more depressing than having to stare at the same fixtures, the same paint colors day in day out. Particularly in your bathroom, where you spend so much time. Here are 8 things you can do to freshen up your bathroom look that doesn’t take a lot of your time or money.

1) Put a pop of paint

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to liven up a room. For the price of the effort and pennies on the dollar, you can have maximum impact with minimal work. Going all white is an old standby to give an outdated bathroom a completely new feel. Create an accent wall if you want to include a bit of color. Or, if white is not your thing, liven up your drab walls with pastel shades.

It’s not just walls that can receive a colorful update. If you have an old tub, how about adding some drama with a bold shade. Those cabinets and shelves could also do with a new coat. You can try an accent color for these to compliment your main one.

2) Update doorknobs, drawer pulls, and other accessories

After years of use, the knobs and pulls on your bathroom door and vanity draws become chipped and faded. These can be updated with a coat of gold or chrome paint to give them that new shine. You can also choose to replace them with exciting, unconventional pieces that can act as conversation starters with guests to your home.

They aren’t the only accessories that can receive this kind of attention. Got an old shower rod? Spruce it up with some silver paint. Old standing bath? Replace those clawed feet with funky new accessories. Fill in cracks and chips. Give the bath and face basin an adventurous, new color with some acrylic paint. Throw out those decades-old soap holders and bath caddies for some more chic, stylish ones.

New mirrors are another way to add an understated elegance. The number of styles and shapes will make it difficult for you to decide on a final look.

3) Add a rug

Transform your humble bathroom into a luxurious spa with the addition of a rug. A well-chosen rug is not only an interesting point that draws the eye but is an easy way to add a color or pattern to your bathroom. An added plus is that you now have a warm place to stand on cold mornings while getting ready for work.

4) Radiate quietly

Speaking of warmth, what about that clunky old radiator you inherited from the previous owner of your home? Nothing makes an old bathroom feel ancient, like the clanking of a radiator in the corner. These days, bathroom radiators have been coming in sleek, innovative, modern, and most importantly, quiet models. You don’t have to suffer anymore. You’ll wonder why you didn’t make the switch before.

5) Towel swap-out

Your radiator is not the only thing you can replace for an updated look. How about some new towels as well. Nothing runs a bathroom down like stained, yellowed, or tatty towels. Go with classic white towels for adding a crisp, clean feel to your bathroom. New patterns and colors are useful as well for adding color.

8 Ways to Freshen Up Your Bathroom Design Easily

6) Light up your life

Wall sconces can often add years to your bathroom’s design. Replace them with quirkier art pieces to add an element of fun. If your tastes run that way, perhaps you can add a little luxury and sophistication with a chandelier. A quick check online can reveal beautiful, contemporary pieces that can update your look. Installing a rheostat in your bathroom will give you the opportunity to create mood lighting. For a relaxing soak in the tub, you can use it to turn down your electric lights and get out those candles for a softer feel.

7) Surprise with Vinyl, Wallpaper, and Wainscoting

If you really want to be different from the crowd, try adding wallpaper to your bathrooms. Most people consider wallpaper to be a big no-no in bathrooms because of the damp and the humidity. Many brands of wallpaper today come are water and mold-resistant and are waiting for you to experiment with them. With an infinite variety of patterns and colors, wallpaper is a quick way to dramatically update your bathroom look.

Vinyl is another material most people never associate with their bathrooms for the same reason. Today’s vinyl comes in stronger, more water-resistant varieties that make them great for the bathroom. Place it over chipped and discolored tiles and grout for an instantly freshened look.

Tiles are most people’s go-to for a bathroom wall, but for areas that are not going to be wet, how about wainscoting? Use wainscoting to add a modern rustic feel to your bathroom. Treated wood reduces the possibility of water damage or mold, and it can be painted in any color that your heart desires for an update that is uniquely you.

8) Re-consider storage

Perhaps it’s time to retire those mounted cabinets in your bathroom. Replace them with some free-standing shelves, in shades of chrome or matte black to modernize your look. Glass is also an option for your new shelves. Wicker baskets are another good way to add additional storage while adding that “homey” feel to your bathroom.

8 Ways to Freshen Up Your Bathroom Design Easily

Your bathroom is one of the rooms you spend the most time in. You want that to be as pleasant an experience as possible. Consider these ideas for luxurious modern bathroom designs if you remodel your bathroom to make it more elegant and contemporary. An outdated bathroom sucks that much more joy out of your life, more so if you’re wondering what you can do to freshen it up without doing a full renovation. 

We’ve suggested a few ways that you can try. until you get a look that’s right for you. You will be delighted by the options you can come up with. Feel free to experiment with color, texture, lighting, and style until you get a look that’s right for you. You will be delighted by the options you can come up with.