The luxury lingerie brand Adina Reay is known for its fine use of materials and shapes to provide form-fitting and confidence-boosting lingerie, and now they’ve added a new gorgeous line to their repertoire. Meet ‘Lyla,’ an all-new collection that teams vibrant blue and classic black lace in the offering of bikini bottoms, crop tops, and more. Excitingly, along with the new line, which has dropped just in time for spring, is the brand’s new bra fitting service, and it’s all done virtually from the comfort of your home. Sharon Lake, the founder and designer of Adina Reay, tells us more about this new line and what we can expect from the service.

You’ve launched the new ‘Lyla’ range, tell us about the line…
This range is really special – it features a beautiful black French Leavers lace (Leavers lace is the most valued and aspired lace in the world, made on machines in use since the 1800s) with an oversized scallop edge. This is overlaid onto an electric blue lace which peaks through to dramatic effect. This contrast of prettiness and edginess makes the collection both elegant and modern.

Adina Reay Launches New Lyla Collection & Virtual Bra Fitting Service

At Adina Reay, we painstakingly develop new silhouettes each season, always with our signature narrower straps and backs, and of course, no design changes as the garment size increases – so what you see in a DD is the same as you get in a G!

When you get past a certain size, it’s tempting to re-use the same few bra blocks, switching different fabrics in and out. We cut and engineer new silhouettes each season to achieve the specific silhouette we’re after. This involves expertise and longer development times, but we believe that in an industry devoted to supporting breasts, having a larger bust shouldn’t be seen as a barrier to great design.Adina Reay Launches New Lyla Collection & Virtual Bra Fitting Service

We loved this collection so much we couldn’t stop at just a bra, bikini, and thong…We’ve added some pieces with a real wow factor: a versatile crop top, sultry deep brief, and a stunning suspender. At times the fuller bust market has been so focused on bras that everything else was a second thought. At Adina, there is equal emphasis on all pieces within our collections. We all want to wear great lingerie.

There’s a crop top in the line; is this a new addition to the brand?
All of our pieces are now produced by our team in England. This gives us a freedom we’ve never known before. It allows us to have a lot more fun and make things we’ve been longing to wear. A cropped top is a really difficult option for us with a fuller cup, generally Because there isn’t enough capacity. Lyla cropped top has so many different styling options: worn on its own for a night out, as a daytime piece layered beneath sheer tops or under drop-shoulder knitwear, or simply adding variety to your bra arsenal. It’s also a clever piece because the shape naturally gives great support to a fuller bust, and it’s one of those silhouettes that works even better on curvy bodies. The lace is detailed to draw the eye to all the right places, flattering and defining the body. At the back, there’s a dramatic deep V that keeps the look fresh.

Adina Reay Launches New Lyla Collection & Virtual Bra Fitting Service

Do you any favorite pieces from this collection in particular?
We’re all so excited to wear the cropped top, but the Lyla Suspender is so flattering. We’re used to seeing blue as an accent on black lingerie, but the electric blue is dominant on Lyla, and the block of vibrant color on the back of Lyla suspender looks amazing against any skin tone.

Who is your customer?
Adina Reay is the go-to label for customers sized 28DD to 38G looking for an exciting design and a modern, barer fit.

You’ve launched a new virtual bra service – tell us how that works…
This season we have partnered with lingerie fitting and styling expert Sarah Connelly to bring customers a virtual bra fitting service. We think you should have the same relationship with your fitter as you have with your hairdresser, but we know from experience this isn’t always the case. We feel our customers will be able to achieve this from their own home with Sarah; she’s a great listener and is incredibly intuitive, which Is so important. She’ll guide you through what size you should be wearing, what styles will work best for you as well answering all of your questions. To book

What collections are you working on at the moment?
We are launching our first swimwear collection this season and expanding this with more exciting styles soon. We can’t wait!

How are you looking to further evolve?
We hope to be able to offer a bespoke service in the future, allowing for customization.

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