After living with college roommates in a tiny dorm or an apartment in their 20’s, everyone dreams of having a backyard space in their home. However, having a backyard is not for everyone, as some may prefer a bigger space inside their home over a backyard. If you are on the home search or just question whether a backyard is right for you, follow along for some real advantages of having a backyard. 

You Have The Ability To Garden  

With enough space and sunlight, you can start a very beautiful garden. Outdoor space gives you the option to care for many plants you would not have been able to indoors. Flowers, trees, or grass are all exceptional options for a backyard. 

If you enjoy organic fruits and vegetables you can start planting them yourself. This may take a little bit of work, but with the correct care, you could satisfy all your fruit and veggie needs in your own backyard. Both sustainable and healthier, eating from your own garden is magical!

You Have Space For Pets 

If you’re an animal lover, you will feel much happier if your pets have an area to run around in. Additionally, if you leave the house for work or social events you won’t have to worry about coming home in time to walk them. Especially for pets like dogs who need a lot of physical activity and attention each day– a backyard is a perfect answer. They might even prevent more arguments on who has to walk them!

You Want To Raise A Family

If you have children or you’re planning on having a family in the future, a backyard is something to consider. Physical activity is also essential for a growing child. According to research, children need enough time outdoors to facilitate taking risks and improve their health. If your kids play sports, this may be an even bigger reason to invest in a house with some outdoor space. With enough room in the backyard, you could buy a pool, playground, or trampoline. Not only will this give children a place to stay active, but it also gives parents time to relax.

Beautiful backyard of new home near Chicago

You Can Entertain 

If you’re a social butterfly then a backyard area for entertainment is perfect for you! If you have a budget, you can also invest in patio natural stone, a grill, and a firepit. This is not always necessary, as a nice table and chairs do the trick. During the summer months, your or outdoor space is perfect for margaritas with the girls!

There Is More Privacy 

With a backyard, you have more space between you and your neighbors. Your home will feel more enclosed and protected. Already lived through your fair share of loud noise through the walls and annoying neighbors? We suggest thinking about a backyard.  

Monetary Benefits

When it comes to selling the property, having a backyard will increase the value of your house. Landscaping improvements have an average return of 109 percent for every dollar spent. Potential homebuyers are always drawn to well-landscaped properties. 

More Fresh Air 

If you’re like me and live for your warm cup of coffee in the morning, then an outdoor space might be for you! What better way to start your morning than to sip that cup while the sun is peeking over the hill. This also gives you a chance to catch a breath of fresh air before a busy day at work. 

It Can Improve Your Physical And Mental Health

Getting your hands dirty and walking barefoot is good for you! According to science, there is a stress-relieving microbe that lives in the soil– which helps to regulate the immune system and improve your mental health. 

Not only that but walking barefoot allows you to absorb negative electrons from the earth which in turn helps humans stabilize daily cortisol rhythm. Unfortunately, in the modern-day world, we don’t get enough connection to the earth. This concept of ‘grounding’ is healthy for you and can be experienced in your very own backyard. 

Storage Space 

Finally, the storage space for tools or other items that don’t belong in your home is ideal. Most modern Americans stuff everything they have in their garage– but with a backyard, you don’t have to do so!