Purpose of Apps

Technology and smart devices have made life that much easier, particularly because they provide a level of convenience and allow you to get a lot done regardless of where you are. Apps exist in just about every industry, from banking to lifestyle, food and drink, and even travel and leisure. Banking apps are widely known and used, as they ensure that you can keep track of your finances 24/7. Moreover, those who are exploring financial markets, investing, or have just started their savings journey can use banking and financial apps to provide guidance and monitor their progress. This is especially true if you are actively pursuing smart investments in US dollars, as the USD is a reserve currency and is an integral part of global trade activity. 

According to reports, apps play a crucial role in our everyday lives and form part of all our activity on our phones or smart devices. In fact, the average person uses nine apps per day, which speaks to how there is a mobile app for everything these days. There are apps to entertain, educate, connect us with others and increase productivity, amongst many other things. 

Lifestyle apps you should have

How often you use each app and for how long is entirely dependent on what you are interested in or need at a particular time. Therefore, the list of lifestyle apps to have in 2021 is in no particular order, however, it is an indication of some of the most popular ones on the market currently.


Instagram has long been one of the most used apps around the world. It is used both for communication and content creation. Moreover, it now provides an opportunity for content creators to monetize their content, particularly through sponsored brand posts. People use it to document their daily activities through photo and video content in the form of posts, stories, and most recently, reels.


The TikTok craze has taken the world by storm. This app gained popularity for the humorous skits and dance tutorials that were shared. These boomed in 2020 when everyone was confined to their homes and needed some sort of comic relief and at-home entertainment. TikTok sensations have also become well-known public figures in their own right.


Staying true to its name, Meetup allows you to connect with people in your preferred location with similar interests. You can also form groups on the app and engage as a way to make new friends.


Understanding just how busy life can get, ShopWell provides fitness and health recommendations based on your profile. This is useful if you have certain dietary goals that you want to achieve, in addition to guiding you through noting your nutrition score.


Undoubtedly one of the most popular dating apps of our time, Tinder has become notorious for its “swipe right” and “swipe left” navigations. This is ultimately how the user expresses whether or not they are willing to connect with and get to know the suggested singleton.


As the name suggests, this is a fitness app that can help you on your journey to weight loss, build muscles, or simply improve your fitness levels. Whatever your goal, this app will keep track of your daily routine and food intake to ensure that you don’t lose sight of the end goal.