We all know the benefits of regular exercise for our body, mind, and spirit and the need to incorporate physical fitness into our routines. However, for many, the popular route of hitting the treadmill, crunching abs, or straining to lift heavy weights at the gym does not feel like a natural option and there may be a call to adopt a gentler way to exercise instead. In this article, we will look at some alternative approaches to exercise which will enable you to stay fit while being kind to your body.


Gliding through the water at a pace that is comfortable for you is one of the best ways to give your entire body a workout. Gentle on your joints, swimming is a fantastic low-impact exercise that strengthens and tones your muscles and helps keep your lungs and heart healthy.

Unlike jogging or running, which can involve pounding the pavement and putting strain on your joints, swimming cushions your whole body, preventing the risk of an accident or injury. Swimming earplugs are a great option to prevent infections and swimmers’ ear tinnitus while in the pool.


Pilates is another low-impact exercise that focuses on strengthening the body in an intense yet gentle way. With an emphasis on improving core strength, posture, and flexibility, pilates aims to lengthen, tone, and strengthen the muscles and improve the range of motion in the joints.

This form of exercise also promotes the awareness of breathing with each movement to create a natural flow which also helps to calm and clear the mind, helping to decrease stress, increase well-being and allow for a gentler and more holistic exercise experience. 

Mindful breathing also encourages relaxation of the muscles reducing the chances of an injury.


Feldenkrais exercises promote your kinaesthetic awareness, or a greater sense of the muscles, joints and tendons in your body and how they move, to help you improve your flexibility, breathing, balance, and posture. By helping you reconnect with your body through the use of gentle movements this form of exercise can facilitate more efficient and graceful movement as well as improve your range of motion. It is also thought to have benefits in other areas such as problem-solving, creativity, and concentration.

Qi Gong

This gentle form of martial art originating from China literally means ‘energy work’ and involves a series of slow and graceful movements which are accompanied by rhythmic breathing. Qi gong aims to manage the vital flow of energy through your body and its gentle movements help to warm up your muscles and joints while promoting balance and circulation of the blood and meridians.

Amongst its many health benefits, qi gong is also thought to have a positive effect on the internal organs of the body and due to its ability to promote the flow of energy through the body, it is also beneficial for your overall vitality.

Deep breathing helps to regulate the nervous system by easing the fight-or-flight response, thereby reducing stress and anxiety. This also helps to calm the mind and emotions facilitating greater overall relaxation.

By practicing some of the exercises mentioned in this article you can gently support your body to better health.