When automotive engineer Charles Fey first came up with his idea for a slot machine that paid out automatically, he could never have known that his idea was going to be such a global phenomenon. The instant and enduring appeal of slot machines have seen them go from a single machine created in a workshop to an international industry with billions of players.

As with many other popular games, the digital revolution provided the opportunity for gamers to enjoy their favorite games in a completely new format. Slots lent themselves particularly well to this new medium, combining the ease of random number generation with the ability to create a variety of different themes and graphics.

Players appreciated the ability to play their favorite game from home, particularly those without easy access to a casino or other physical gaming destination. As the internet became more prevalent and smartphones were starting to be ubiquitous, leading casino brands such as Virgin Games created gaming apps, allowing gamers to play slots whenever and from wherever they happened to be.

How to be a Successful Slot Gamer

There are a number of things that the best slot gamers have in common, and anyone can learn how to improve their chances of winning with a few simple tips:

Learn about your own playing style

Everyone plays slots slightly differently, and game designers come up with ways to keep them all happy. Some people prefer to win little and often, whereas others like to build up bonuses and jackpots to be in with the chance of a big win.

Whether you are at one end of the spectrum, or somewhere along the way, there are slots out there that suit your style and give you the chance of winning. Three reel slots tend to offer higher payouts, but there aren’t as many winning spins, whereas there are slots that give players the chance to win more frequent small bonuses as they play.

Make the most of promotions and special offers

Most online slot sites offer a variety of freebies in order to encourage players to try them out, so it’s worth searching for any special offers before you play. There are some relatively common offers, such as:

  • Welcome bonuses – those that sign up for a new account can often take advantage of free spins or deposits to give them a chance to test out the game and see how they like it.
  • Deposit bonuses – players that make deposits into their accounts can often find sites that will match the amount they are transferring to maximize their chances of winning.
  • Loyalty bonuses – players that log in regularly to play are often rewarded with bonuses based on how often they play.
  • Free spins – these can be won in games, awarded to players taking part in special events, and offered as bonuses to give players a chance to test out new games without having to risk their own cash.
  • VIP schemes – some online casinos offer their own reward schemes to players that come back often, giving them access to special jackpots and free spins.
  • Referral bonuses – players that want their friends to join them online can often get referral codes that give them free spins and other bonuses when their friends sign up.

Learn about the slot options available

Slots come in such a wide variety of themes and formats that anyone can find something that appeals to them. From popular cultural references such as TV shows and films to more classical themes such as Ancient Greece or mythical creatures.

Whether you want to play a game that ties in with your other favorite forms of entertainment or you enjoy finding completely games with a new twist, you can find a game that suits your playing style so that you can maximize your chances of winning.

Do your research

Before trying a new game, it can be helpful to search online for demonstrations and advice from players that have already worked out some of the most likely ways to win. Some sites have active communities online, including social media groups where players can post tips and advice and share details of their wins.

For time-sensitive offers, you can often join mailing lists so that you are alerted to any upcoming jackpots and make the most of any deposit or free spins bonuses that might be on offer. Reviews will often mention if there are any tricks to getting the most out of a particular slot machine, so it can be helpful to see what other players have learned about how to win.

Slots are also required to display the odds of winning, so you can make an informed decision about which you want to play and find one that you think has the best chance of paying out. The ‘Return to Player’ figures will tell you how much you are likely to win and you can decide which are worth playing and rule out any that aren’t offering the odds you would like.

While there is a significant element of randomness to playing slots, those who have gained some experience do have an advantage as they get to know how their favorite games work and how to improve their odds of winning. A little research combined with some time spent learning how the games work can help you hit the jackpot.