Have you ever just worn makeup to feel how it would look, but it did not turn out great? Does the finished makeup not appear to be quite as sleek? Well, all these problems are faced by makeup beginners. Although make-up is an art, it also has its own set of rules and guidelines that can transform you dramatically.

In the beautiful world of makeup, you can get any look you’ve ever desired. Taking modest steps into the infinite world of makeup is always thrilling and intimidating. But as a novice, you should become familiar with the makeup equipment and procedures before filling your vanity with all the brands and products of makeup and cosmetics. Therefore, we are here to provide the greatest makeup advice for newbies.

1. Skin type

When it comes to makeup, taking care of your skin comes first. People with various skin types use various products, just as there are several products for both dry and oily skin. If you choose the incorrect skin care product for your skin, it won’t display the correct manufacturer formulae and could injure or damage your skin. Consequently, choose the cosmetics and makeup items that are suitable for your skin type when shopping for them in the market.

2. Primer

Without a primer, a cosmetics kit set is lacking. Without a primer, a girl can never begin her makeup. A primer functions as Photoshop for your skin. Despite the fact that primers are sometimes disregarded, they are crucial to the makeup application procedure. Primers fill in huge pores, smoothen the face, and get rid of wrinkles and blemishes. Applying a primer aid in establishing a foundation for cosmetics that ultimately protects your skin.

3. Foundation

Finding the ideal foundation might be like finding a hidden treasure. Finding the ideal foundation color that enhances the skin tone is crucial for beginners. Of course, you must test out different foundations before choosing the best one. But even so, it is now quite simple for beginners because many brands offer a large variety of tints that go well with every skin tone. So, get halfway there by finding the ideal foundation color for your skin tone.

4. Concealer

Tired of wrinkles, age spots, discoloration, and other flaws on your face? The remedy is a concealer. There are two different types of concealers on the market: eye and face concealers. Always choose hydrating concealer as a starter because it will make the skin look more radiant and will hide imperfections and discoloration.

5. Set and forget

Want to achieve the ideal matte finish at home? The secret is compact. Compact has the power to mattify your face, making it transfer- and sweat-resistant for however long you desire. You can select from a variety of wacky compact sets while purchasing makeup online. You only need to lightly dust a little compact powder along your hairline, neck, and cheekbones to be ready to take on the world.

6. Eye shadows

Without a gorgeous selection of eye shadows, no beauty kit is ever finished. Depending on your outfit and skin tone, you can choose any color. Give your eyes a little shade to make them look lovely. You should bear in mind that you need to buy an eyeshadow brush, a smudge brush, and a blending brush when you are buying eyeshadow. As the name suggests, these three brushes will help you in having the perfect eyeshadow look.

7. Wink it

Never ask a girl with winged eyeliner why she’s late. This is true since eyeliner requires the most creativity, patience, and technical skill. Every newbie has a lot of difficulties applying those precisely lined eyeliners. However, as the saying goes, practice makes a man perfect, so mastering winged eyeliners and other styles will elevate you above the rank of a beginner. Simply form the dots and join them around the eyes to get the eyeliner look. You’ll be shocked when you see the flawless eyeliner you just applied on your own.

8. Mascara

Mascara is not only a crucial component of makeup; it also lengthens, volumizes, and adds thickness to the eyelashes. In addition, it gives your eyelashes volume, instantly framing and opening up your eyes. The wonderful thing about mascara is that it is the quickest and simplest makeup item to use. Simply coat your eyelashes with mascara while holding the mascara wand in your hand. Those eyes are going to make you fall in love.

9. Lipstick

Lipstick adds drama to the black and white. With just a few lipstick strokes, you can drastically change your appearance. Finding the ideal lip color for your lips is not at all difficult because lipstick is a girl’s greatest friend. Simply maintain your lipstick with the aid of a lip pencil, fill in any gaps using your preferred lipstick color, and take pleasure in the appearance.

Setting spray is the final step you can take after putting all your effort into getting the perfect look. Setting spray aids in keeping your makeup in place without smearing or ruining it. There are several options for setting spray as well, so choose according to your skin type and makeup needs. So don’t hold yourself back from being flawless, and demonstrate your true sense of beauty and art with the help of this makeup guide for beginners.