Are you studying abroad? Are you missing your home or feeling homesick? Do you want to feel homely abroad? Although you are distant from your family, you still can feel comfortable and less homesick. You just have to make the place comfortable and adjust over time. Here are some tips to help you overcome homesickness and feel homely around the area.

The Expat mindset

If you want to feel more comfortable living abroad, it all starts with one major element: the expat mindset. It means that you embrace the new culture, you are open to change, and you are prepared to learn and adapt. But, unfortunately, for many people, moving abroad is not easy.

It helps in learning simple things like using public transportation and searching grocery shops, restaurants, etc. Learning these things make your journey less challenging, and once you know how everything works more clearly, you will adapt to foreign surroundings.

Celebrate your Native Holidays

Remember the home country festivals and celebrate abroad. It will make you feel homely and let all other people know about the festivals and create relations with people around you.

Get to know the language and culture

Language and culture are inherently intertwined. Although the language is new, communicating with more people will also make you feel at home. And when we speak with several people, many daily aspects become less challenging. You will also understand the culture when you know the language, making it easier to adapt. For example, if the family is far away, you have to create a new set of friends who would mean more than family to you.

Bring a few keepsakes

You can take some of the things that would remind them of your home abroad too. It may be blankets, a photo frame, etc. Going abroad does not mean wholly throwing out the old life. Keeping a few things from your home will help you feel comfortable and close to your family. Keep the photo on the bedside table, which will help you when you miss home.

Find Your favorite local places

Bringing things close to us takes not only the things themselves but also takes many more precious memories and moments with us.

Food is a massive part of life. Everyone loves cooking and eating out with friends. Discovering local places to spend your time will make you feel homely.

Host visitors from your family and friends

If one is truly missing loved ones back home, invite them to come and visit you. It will create a new home there. However, if the goal is to live abroad for the long term, you will eventually need to adapt and integrate to feel at home there.

Decorate your Space

A home is not about matching curtains with bed sheets or having decorative things or beautiful things, it is about having things that have sentimental value, passion, and personality. Keep something that will help you feel homely around your space. For example, you can buy cushions online in Australia and decorate a corner similar to your home in your hometown.

Hang up photos

Sometimes we don’t live in a house for a long period, and the interior is designed of our own choice. Still, sometimes home decoration is there with the hanging of some photos with friends and family – if you stay at any hotel or private residence, hanging photos will add a personal touch in no time, and then you will not feel homesick.

See the sights and keep busy

Absorbing the local culture is the best way to make the trip memorable and avoid homesickness. Don’t just observe it. Immerse yourself in that culture and accept it. Never let your negative things destroy your trip, and try to get a positive attitude in your mind. Try to keep yourself busy by planning activities for the whole day and evolving yourself. Opening yourself to the world around you will not only help you to avoid homesickness but also will help you to learn a lot of things, get an education and knowledge, and make yourself independent.

Do the things that you love to do at home.

Follow your hobbies, and do the things you love to do at your home. It may be dancing, singing, or painting. It will not only make you feel at home but will involve your time at fruitful things that will avoid your homesickness and will enhance your talents.


You have to maintain the two lives together. So initially, you need to be patient and should make efforts to make abroad feel like home. Then, gradually with the passing of time in the later stage, you will become acquainted with that abroad life and will be comfortable.