A phone robot is a tool that can be used in any business. You should seriously think about installing a robot for calls if company employees have to answer the same customer questions every day, make outgoing calls using a script, confirm orders and perform other routine business processes that sometimes take up to 90% of their working time. Leading companies strive to automate work processes to the maximum and are willing to implement voice technologies based on artificial intelligence.

How the Robot for Calls Works

Robotic platforms are configured individually for each enterprise, depending on its development strategy and the specifics of the activity. At the same time, the level of robot competence depends on the filling. After all, the program reproduces the scripts embedded in it. Modern voice technology for business can receive and distribute calls, answer questions, and even conduct dialogues.

Intelligent platforms not only synthesize but also recognize speech. This allows you to control the program using specific commands, translate a person’s natural speech into text, and perform more complex and crucial tasks — recognizing a client’s request to generate a response, identifying a person, determining the gender and age of a subscriber.

The automatic system can tell you about the conditions of the promotion, help place an order, ask clarifying questions, make an appointment with a client, answer frequently asked questions, dictate or send a code, provide a delivery date, and even work with claims.

AI Voice technology

What Are the Advantages of AI Voice Technology?

The main benefits of using AI are:

  • Calling by a robot is carried out through integration with any CRM system. The program has all the necessary data for communication. She will not forget to congratulate the client on their birthday, remind them of an abandoned cart, and inform them on time about a personal offer. During the conversation, the robot call operator will be aware of previous orders and customer preferences.
  • Voice AI is always at work. It doesn’t need a vacation or a lunch break. The cost of its maintenance costs the business owner much less than additional staff positions.
  • A phone robot manages to do more than a live operator. It calls several subscribers at the same time. The number of unprocessed calls is reduced to zero.
  • The program frees up the working time of the company’s employees for tasks that cannot be performed without human participation. The productivity of employees increases, which cannot but affect the business as a whole.

According to experts’ forecasts, the voice services market is growing steadily. After all, representatives of medium and large businesses have managed to experience the benefits that AI voice robots provide: high quality of service, productive collection of feedback and statistics, budget savings, customer acquisition, and additional profit. The robotic platform will become an indispensable assistant in any business. The main thing is to choose a reliable provider.