Tourism in Australia fell due to the recent health crisis. However, as the world recovers, travel to this majestic country will increase exponentially. If you want to go to Australia soon, you might want a unique experience.

If it’s your first time, you might not know where to go and what to do. The good news is Australia offers something for everyone. Read on as we list some of the things to do in Australia:

Whitsundays Island Hopping

Queensland’s Whitsunday Islands have some of the best sailing experiences in Australia. It’s because of its calm seas, beautiful sceneries, and perfect winds. 

The best part is the national parks. It’s what makes Whitsunday Islands great for freestyle exploration and private tours. It applies whether you’re alone or with family and friends.

Ride a Luxurious Train Across Australia

The Ghan is one of the most epic railway journeys in the world. It’s the best way to travel to Australia since it spans almost 3,000 kilometers. The train will take you from Darwin to Adelaide.

You’ll see most of Australia’s diverse and beautiful landscapes as you make your way with the train. You’ll see the Top End’s tropical greens, the Red Center’s desert sands, and the rugged mountains of the Flinders Ranges.

Along the way, you can stop to tour Katherine and Alice Springs. It allows you to learn more about Australia’s Aboriginal origins. 

Lucky Bay Kangaroo Sunbathing

The most iconic Australian experience is lying on a white-sand beach next to kangaroos. Lucky Bay’s resident kangaroos sun themselves regularly. This beach is within Western Australia’s Cape Le Grand National Park.

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Kimberly Cruises

Western Australia’s Kimberly is one of the last wilderness areas on the planet. The best way to experience it is through a cruise ship. With this, you can get a great view of the isolated coast.

The best part is getting close to the rocky shores and other beautiful landscapes. At the same time, you can enjoy five-star gourmet meals and luxury quarters.

Visit Cradle Mountain’s Locals

The locals in Cradle Mountain are furry. One is the Tasmanian Devil, the largest marsupial carnivore in the world. In the wild, they are shy and difficult to spot.

For this reason, the best way to meet them is in Devils@Cradle, a conservation sanctuary near the Cradle Mountain National Park entrance. They offer day and night tours, allowing you to meet other endangered fauna like eastern quolls.

You can book a visit online through the Devils@Cradle website. Right now, their cheapest time slot is the 10:30 A.M. Day Keeper Tour.

Learn More Things to Do in Australia Now

These are some great things to do in Australia. If you want a unique vacation, consider listing these places on your itinerary.

However, making the most of your experience means learning some Australian vacation tips. Look for ways to travel in Australia without spending too much.

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