Whether you are looking to build a new mansion or hoping to remodel your existing one, the style of roof you pick can make or break your mansion’s outer look. Since a house’s roof is the most visible part of the structure from the outside and plays a major role in deciding its aesthetic value, you must pay specific attention to its roof design. Architects and structural designers pay special emphasis to roof designs as they highlight any structure.

Here is a list of some excellent roof design ideas that will enhance your mansion –

1.     Japanese-styled Roof

If you want to take a minimalist approach when building your house, a Japanese-styled roof is your best choice. This design blends well with houses that have a courtyard or a big lawn. Brutalist architectural designs often use a Japanese roof style due to its clean elements and straight lines. Whether your house is located in a cluster of residential complexes or an isolated space, this roof style goes well with any urban setting. Most Japanese-styled roofs portray strong angular shapes, which gives them a contemporary look. The best cladding material for such roofs is timber, as it is easy to maintain and aligns with the look and feel of the entire structure.

2.     Landscaped Roof

A landscaped roof or a roof covered with turf will enhance your structure and set it apart from other designs. Such roof designs use artificial turf to lower maintenance and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the structure. While implementing this style can be too expensive, allowing yourself to incorporate this creative freedom can help you achieve a design that aligns with an ‘Earthship.’ Some designers also opt for real grass and turn the roof into a patio landscaped seating area. If you have the luxury and budget, opt for a landscaped roof design. Depending on the amount of padding used, artificial turf also provides insulation and prevents heat build-up.

3.     Curved Roof

This roof style helps achieve a soft and modest look to your overall structure. This design is ideal for homeowners who prefer agricultural or laid back styles. Despite being muted, this roof style is visually appealing, which ultimately helps you achieve the overall look you had imagined for your mansion. Since a curved roof can be tricky to construct, you will need help from an architect to design one. The roof style must also align with other design elements of your structure, where a professional will help you. Curved roofs are eco-friendly and easy to maintain, which are other reasons to adopt this style.

4.     Sculptural or Origami

If your mansion follows a contemporary architectural style, a sculptural or origami roof is an ideal choice, especially if your house is located near a coast or an isolated location. If adorned with a structural or origami roof style, modern structural designs make an avant-garde composition that is rarely found. Since this style of roof is rarely picked and designed by homeowners and builders, the professional roofers at Avidus Roofing recommend getting your roof checked at least once a year to prevent damage and to avoid spending a lot of money at once. Strong lines, angular shapes, and bizarre folds are some elements that make a structural or origami roof.

5.     Seamless Roof Design

As the name suggests, this roof style follows a seamless pattern and blends with the rest of the structure’s architectural elements. It is yet another contemporary style that takes a modern and minimal approach. Even though the design is implemented with scrutiny, the overall look appears to be laidback and modest. The material used on the structure’s main façade is also incorporated on the roof surface, which gives it a seamless look.

6.     Gable Roof

Even though gable roofs have been in existence for decades now, they remain in vogue. If used in a contemporary style, this commonly implemented roof design can be turned into an inventive design that still gives a cozy feeling. Since it is easy to construct and costs less, it is one of the most preferred roof styles among homeowners and builders. The slopes and angular lines shed snow and water, making it an excellent structural element that assists water drainage and prevents leakage.

These roof design ideas will help you pick an ideal style for your mansion and enhance its overall aesthetic appeal. You can also take advice from your architect to choose a roof style that aligns with your structural design. Apart from being visually appealing, the roof design must also be easy to maintain and fall within your budget.