The emerging advances in technology have pushed forward the firearms manufacturing industry. Thus, weapons that are more precise, more affordable, and much faster than ever before are created. They are being made with exactness and modular, lighter, and collapsible as a result. Although the progress lasts for years, all of these changes are developed through fine-tuned processes and are continuing to get better. Here are some of the trending technologies which will change how firearms are used.

3D Printer

The adaptability of 3D printers does not stop because they are perfect for making concept designs and models. Firearms can also be developed and designed as well by using whichever material the printer can process through.

For instance, Solid Concepts, a Texas-based company, has proven that these firearms can be easily put together and printed.  The company has used the 1911 pistol as a base model in an industrial-scale printer to create it from scratch.

They wanted to prove that 3D printed firearms are accurate and strong and, in the process, change the perspective on the method in which they have succeeded.


The professionals in the field use the new polymer composite tests. They want to see how created guns are more durable, capable of limiting recoil, lighter, and resistant to high temperatures. Experts in the industry will soon create a completely plastic and durable weapon since polymer materials are stronger nowadays.

For such reasons, some companies like Glock have brought attention to polymer-adapted pistols and many officers that work in police departments across the US have adopted their own Polymer G pistols.


Firearms manufacturers have found a way to capitalize on modular weapons’ personalization, just like any other marketing business type would use the same concept for their products. For instance, a CQB or a Close Quarters Battle rifle has the ability to serve just as the Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle would. However, if you swap just a few attachments and the barrel, the SCAR will become a Designated Marksman Rifle capable of having a further range.  AR15 and other similar models have been capable of adjustment for years, for instance. Professionals from AG would confirm that AR15 users should have an armored wrench in their toolboxes. These changes have become more efficient and faster by the firearm industry. So, making CQB into a SCAR and then to DMR takes less than a few minutes and can be done even in the field. The military has started the mass purchase of these firearms.

The reason being they maintain the capabilities of multiple weapons and teach their soldiers these systems. The same would apply to pistols that are just two generations old. They had only the capability to fire bullets, while now, they are outfitted with magazines, flashlights, lasers, and changeable optics. You can personalize your firearm by building it yourself using 80 lowers from 80% Arms.

A wide range of products and attachments come alongside the personalization of firearms.

Smart Guns

Over the idea of smart guns, gun enthusiasts have been arguing against it for a long time now. Hackers can easily compromise networked technology that keeps people safe, which leaves people without using their weapons in situations where they need them most.


Also, there is a fear and potential that the federal government could abuse such tech. For example, firearms can be cut off, and individuals could be tracked, which is by itself legal. Despite these potential problems, smart guns can wind up, making their way into the market. Not only for military applications but also for consumers.

For instance, one company is already working on launching an AI-based ammo counting program. The program can’t let owners know when their weapons should be serviced, based on the use, and assist in keeping track of ammunition that has been fired. Also, by installing smart chips, it can be used to keep firearm owners safe.

These types of chips can also determine if the user is the actual gun owner or not. With new technologies, applications like this are slowly becoming a reality even if they sound like a plot in a science fiction movie.

Technology has come a long way when it comes to firearms, which everyone must admit, even if they are a fan of guns or not. Firearm technology is always moving forward, and for that reason, it sure is exciting to think about what the future has installed and what the weapons might look like as a result.