Today, there is a renewed interest in the barbershop businesses as the male grooming industry continues to blossom.

However, similar to other businesses that are starting to be trendy, multiple competitors are also rising. This becomes a difficulty because most barbershops are humble businesses whose marketing tools are limited.

The beauty of today’s age is that we have more technological advancements. For barbershops, this is a piece of positive news. They now have access to several tools that will assist them in inactive and passive marketing.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the technologies you can use to help your barbershop’s marketing strategy edge out against the competition.

Appointment software

Use the Best Hair Salon Appointment Software

Nowadays, people are all about convenience. For your barbershop to achieve this, you have to acquire the best hair salon software. This software will not only boost your marketing strategies but will also help mitigate the headaches involved in running a business.

Among the best and popular salon appointment software used by barbershops in various countries is SalonLife.

SalonLife will assist you in the administrative side of the business. Their software takes care of employee and payroll management, client profile, POS, and loyalty program. SalonLife offers these services for an affordable price. Not only will employees benefit from this seamless software, but clients also find their appointment setting feature efficient.

Utilizing this software will surely make your barbershop business run seamlessly. You will also have more time to focus on improving the quality of service you provide without worrying about the technical side of the business.

Get a beautiful website

The effectiveness of maintaining a website for business has been long proven by many. It helps customers know more about the products and services that you offer. Having a well-kept barbershop website can be the gateway connection between you and your potential customers. EarthWeb has reviewed Instazood you can check for more related info

Without a website, it would be difficult for customers to know about your barbershop. You can optimize the effectiveness of your website by designing it to be quick and accessible on mobile phones.

Aside from this, it is also ideal that your website should have a dedicated booking page.

Contrary to the conventional practices of barbershops that only accept walk-ins, today’s customers prefer appointments.

This will help your business shop gain traffic and paying customers.

Generally, a website is a passive marketing tool, but it can be made into an aggressive marketing strategy when you employ integrations.

For example, some website uses E-mail marketing integrations that remind costumers with upcoming appointments or cancellations.

Some also send out promotions that they can avail of in the future. These ways, customers are more aware of things that you offer aside from your standard services.

Increase Local Visibility

Your target customers are those living around the area you service.

It is illogical to market your barbershop to the preference of those who live far away.

This is why it is crucial to integrate your presence beyond placing your address on your website.

You get a higher chance of getting visible locally if you are part of the Google Local Pack.

To do this, you need to register your business in GMB or better known as Google My Business.

There you input your location and your contact details as well as a link to your website. The usage of GMB is free; however, registering your business there does not assure feature in the Local Pack, but it gives it a chance.

To be featured here is important because these are suggestions that come up when customers around your vicinity search for terms related to your business nature.

Doing search engine optimization yourself while focusing on improving your service can be an impossible task. This is why partnering with a search engine optimization company can be your best bet to increase organic search engine visibility. Marketing1776 does SEO for lawyers but also works with other small businesses such as beauty salons.

Salon marketing strategies are often tough to implement if you do not know anything about online marketing.

For this reason, consider reaching out to your local digital marketing agency and ask for help in implementing your hair salon marketing ideas.

Use Social Media Strategically

We are now in an age where social media influences the decision and choices of consumers greatly. Using it in the right way for your barbershop will be a great advantage. However, the greatest challenge with the use of social media is its uncertainty.

It is difficult to perceive how costumer will react to service or what will be trending. To avoid getting overwhelmed by social media, you need to have the right plan and execution.

The planning stage should always start with identifying your target audience. This way, you will be able to know their preferences. The next step should be to create your intended goals. These goals should be specific.

For example, your goal for social media marketing is for people to know your brand and services. The next thing you have to do is to research your competition. This is highly important so that you be able to understand how to delineate yourself from others.

After solid planning, the execution stage follows.

One of the best ways to execute the strategic use of social media is by delivering quality content.

This content should appeal to your target market; however, playing safe is not an option. As much as possible, publish content that is interesting and unique.

After doing so, all you have to do is monitor the progress and responses and improve some aspects if deemed necessary.

One way to grow your audience is to run Facebook ads. This is a good hair salon advertising strategy to increase the amount of your Facebook page followers.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, various technological advancement has made marketing and management of business more efficient.

Here is a quick summary and an action plan you can follow:

  1. Talk to a marketing agency. And find a salon marketing strategy that has produced results in the past.
  2. Create your barbershop or hair salon marketing plan.
  3. Start thinking of beauty salon advertising ideas that you can produce yourself to save money on marketing services.
  4. Start implementing the best salon advertising ideas that your competitors are already using.
  5. Come up with new salon marketing ideas once you model your competitors successfully.
  6. Occasionally consult digital marketing agencies to come up with new ideas. Barbershop and beauty salon marketing isn’t always easy. This is why you should consider finding help.

Feel free to share this article with your colleagues to get inspired and take action on what you have learned!