Without that morning cup of coffee, the world would probably be a nightmare to live in filled with a whole lot of zombies roaming around. But while coffee is an essential part of most people’s day, there are so many different kinds of coffee and ways to drink it, according to your taste. 

Whether your coffee of choice is an espresso, cappuccino, instant coffee, latte, or filtered coffee, here are the do’s and don’ts when brewing the perfect cup of joe: 

Don’t use too much coffee 

Most people tend to think that using more coffee will generate better taste. However, when brewing coffee, all you need is 1 tbsp of freshly ground coffee beans to ¾ of a cup of water. Using more coffee doesn’t make a stronger brew, and can even give a more bitter taste and end up wasting a whole lot of good coffee. You’ll find that most popular brands recommend doubling that dosage, but it’s really unnecessary. If you feel you need a stronger cup of coffee, then you should change the type of bean or roast you’re using instead of adding more coffee.

Keep coffee beans fresh 

One of the best things about freshly roasted beans is its strong flavor and aroma. While many people tend to save up the beans and only use it on occasions as a special ingredient, it is only making the coffee beans go to waste. That’s because unlike cheese and wine, coffee doesn’t age well. On the contrary, the longer it lasts, the less flavor it has. So, instead of drinking a cup of joe that’s flavorless because you were saving it up, be sure to use those freshly ground beans as soon as possible. 

Another important aspect to consider to ensure the freshness of the beans and their strong flavor is by keeping them in an airtight container made out of glass or ceramic. It is also worth mentioning that coffee beans should never be placed in a refrigerator as the moisture tends to ruin the beans. In order to keep your coffee beans fresh, always buy a supply that will last for 5-7 days, but no longer than that.  

Choose the right roast 

Each person has a different preference and it will take you a while to determine which type of roast is the best option for you. However, trying out different roasts will give you the ability to find out the flavor that appeals to you the best in terms of how strong it is, as well as how bitter or sweet the coffee tastes, too. Just remember, the roast, rather than the amount, will determine the strength of the flavor. 

Brewing the perfect cup of coffee
Use good water 

While most people tend to judge a pot of coffee based on the roast being used, a hugely unnoticed factor that can completely transform how well the coffee actually tastes is the water. Because tap water is often filled with chlorine or other off-flavors, it can completely alter the flavor of the coffee beans. That’s why it is always advised to use bottled water or at least opt for installing filters on the taps to get the best-flavored coffee possible. 

Avoid boiling the water 

Instead of using boiled water, it’s best to let it cool down for 30-40 seconds before pouring the water onto your coffee to get the best results. Boiling water has the power to reduce the flavor due to the excessive amount of heat being used. When the water has slightly set and cooled down a notch, it will make your coffee taste a whole lot better. 

Preheat your mug 

While the temperature of the water is important, it can be completely useless if you end up pouring it into a cold mug. The warmth of the water with the coldness of the mug clash and alter the temperature, making it difficult to get the best out of those precious beans. Before you add water to your coffee, pour a little hot water into your mug to warm it up while your coffee brews. This will allow the heat to spread to the walls of the mug, and make it just perfect for the temperature of the water. 

While coffee is an essential part of the day, it doesn’t mean that you should be drinking any kind of coffee. In order to get the fix you need and actually enjoy that heavenly cup of coffee, there are important factors to consider that can completely alter the taste and flavor of your coffee. Take note and enjoy your perfect cup of coffee like never before.