Remember when smart homes were the wave of the future? Well, that future is already here with a revolution of smart tech and devices going mainstream. Gartner Research also identified the evolution of the “smart zone,” where humans and technology-enabled systems interact with increasingly open, connected, coordinated and intelligent ecosystems from cities to offices and homes.

Of course, it’s never too late to join the smart home revolution and find the best in-home technology. From wireless security systems to robot vacuums, here’s what to bring home to make your space a little smarter.

Wire-Free Security Systems

Security camera systems can help keep your home and business safe — and even score you a discount on your homeowners’ insurance or similar policies. But, then again, there’s no need for unsightly wires and complex systems to secure your property.

Lorex Technology offers wire-free options that you can easily install yourself and remotely monitor through your mobile app. These wire-free cameras feature 1080p HD resolution, wide-angle lenses and excellent night vision that will keep your footage looking crisp and clear, so you can monitor your home or business no matter the time of day.

Smart Home Assistants

Remember when you actually had to look up the weather, find your favorite track on Spotify, and pick up your smartphone to call people? Or maybe that all happened yesterday.

Nowadays, a smart home assistant like Alexa can do all of that for you with simple voice commands. You can also control your lights, get cooking ideas for tonight’s dinner, change the TV channel and even talk to your friends who also have Alexa through the assistant.

Wi-Fi-Controlled Lighting

Gone are the days when you just flipped a light switch and went about your day. These days, products like the Phillips Hue smart bulb give you full control over all of your home lighting.

Create your own gorgeous lighting based on your favorite photo or color combination, or just opt to dim your white lights for optimal visibility. Phillips Hue smart lighting can also sync with hundreds of other third-party apps, so you can create the perfect lighting around your favorite music, movies or TV shows.

Smart Plugs

Ever leave the house wondering if you left on an appliance or device? Instead of turning the car around to check, you can simply grab your smartphone and turn it off with the help of a Kasa Smart Plug and the Kasa app. You can also schedule your devices to turn off and on whenever you want.

For example, if you’re driving home from work and want certain lights to illuminate your living room or bedroom, you can schedule them to turn on during your commute so you don’t have to walk into a dark house. Ultimately, you’ll wind up saving yourself time and money on your energy bill by keeping tabs on your home tech devices when you step out.

Robot Vacuums

No one really wants to spend their valuable time vacuuming and cleaning up at the end of a long day. However, the Neato Robotics D7 Connected Robot Vacuum can clean up pet hair, crumbs and even fine flour with ease, so you don’t have to bend over and do it yourself. Just set it to clean in zones, and use the app to tweak your ideal cleaning schedule, regardless of whether you’re home.

It’s a Technology Revolution

A smart home can save you time; that is if you leverage the right technology from the start. From wireless security systems to robot vacuums, invest in the technology that makes the biggest impact on your day and adds your favorite pieces. One day your home might just be running itself.