Wristwatches are a classic, symbolic accessory that has staying power in tumultuous times. Despite facing contenders like mass production and the shift toward depending on a smartphone to indicate the time, nothing compares to a handcrafted timepiece.

Both new and seasoned watch collectors will be happy to see what 2019 holds in the world of timepieces. Here are some of the best watches for men this year; if your style is more modern and you want the best smartwatch check out this guide.

Omega De Ville Prestige Blue

As luxurious as the name implies, the Omega De Ville Prestige Blue is one of the simpler, more refined watches for men. Omega is a name that seasoned watch collectors know and love, and rookies will grow to cherish and trust. With a bold navy background highlighted by silver-toned hands and numerals, the Omega De Ville Prestige offers understated classic refinement that will make an impact.

The Omega De Ville Prestige, like many luxury watches, offers an automatic movement. With a solid back and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, the Omega De Ville Prestige is water-resistant to 100 feet. All of these features are brought together with a soft leather strap that offers comfort and sophistication.

Hublot Big Bang Caviar

Hublot is known amongst watch collectors as a brand for active individuals. They were the official timepiece sponsor of the FIFA World Cup in 2018 with their special edition Big Bang Referee. The Caviar builds on the craftsmanship and traditions of the last forty years while bringing a design that’s modern and fresh.

The Hublot Caviar is a self-winding, automatic timepiece. The bold lines pull the eye inward to the center of the timepiece and give the aesthetic of an optical illusion. The Caviar promises to stand apart in a world of watches that often blend. With a black ceramic face and silver, skeleton hands, the Hublot Big Bang Caviar is daring and memorable.

TAG Heuer Carrera in Red and Black

The TAG Heuer Carrera in red and black is bold and devilish, promising to catch eyes wherever you go. Every watch collector worth his salt needs a TAG Heuer, and this piece is a great place to start. With a black opal finish and red and silver elements, this chronograph has a lot going on. In addition to having time and date indicators, the outer edge of the Carrera incorporates a tachymeter.

This automatic timepiece offers a 50-hour reserve, which is longer than many comparable luxury watches. Whereas most TAG Heuer watches offer fabric straps, this beauty offers alligator leather and rubber. The TAG Heuer Carrera in red and black is ideal for watch collectors who like a bolder, sporty look.

Rolex Datejust Champagne

Rolex is one of the most recognized brands in the world to both collectors and non-collectors alike. The Rolex Datejust Champagne captures those recognizable features of the brand and presents them in a fashion that’s impossible to ignore. With champagne-colored 18-karat gold features set on stainless steel, the Rolex Datejust is masculine without being overbearing.

Miniscule Roman numerals and subtle minute markers outline the outer rim of the watch face, and the date indicator is simple and straightforward. This 36mm round piece is quite substantial, with a bracelet strap– this should be kept in mind for those who prefer a lighter watch.

Panerai Radiomir 1940

Panerai is one of the lesser-known luxury watch brands for those new to watch collecting, but their lack of notoriety doesn’t detract from the quality timepieces they produce. This brand offers a balance of Italian design and Swiss techniques to create fashionable luxury timepieces that should grace every collector’s list.

The Panerai Radiomir 1940 is an exquisite model that thrives in its simplicity. With an understated vintage vibe, all of Panerai’s watches will appeal to those who like something less flashy than some of the other pieces on this list. The face showcases whimsical numerals and directly indicates the power reserve. The back is transparent to show the inner workings and craftsmanship of this model.

IWC Big Pilot Brown

The International Watch Company (IWC) tends to fly under the radar when sitting next to Rolex and TAG Heuer, but the Big Pilot is an exception. This is a watch for those who like a busy timepiece with a lot to offer. Not only does this Swiss-made beauty indicate the time down to the minute, but it also shows the day, month, and year in addition to a cut-out sky graphic. All of this in bold silver hands on a noteworthy chocolate brown background.

This watch is both large and thick, adhered to a calfskin leather strap and featuring a transparent backing so wearers can see the artfully assembled movements at work. With a reserve of 168 hours and water resistance down to 200 feet, there’s nothing quite like the IWC Big Pilot Brown.

Watches can be powerful statement pieces, or subtle artwork meant only for the owner. These six watches promise to fit either category in 2019 and are a worthwhile investment.