With travel likely to remain tricker than usual for the foreseeable future and many luxe holidays canceled or postponed, many of us choose to invest our typical vacation spend in adding those flourishes to our homes, which make them even more comfortable, cozy, and glam. 

But you don’t necessarily need to splash out on an ornate orangery or exclusive extension to transform your home – sometimes relatively simple refurbishment tweaks can have a disproportionately dynamic effect. 

One example is doors – making these domestic gateways more gorgeous can make your interior and exterior pop. 

With that in mind, here are 5 tips for transforming your doors. 


Replacing plastic doors with organic materials like wood provides a more solid, earthy ambiance to an internal space like a living room. If you replace some of your summery soft furnishings with cozy autumnal tones, you’ll be amazed at how cozy and comforting you feel. If you’re looking for doors made of long-lasting woods like oak delivered to your home, check out the artisans at Oakwood Doors


Different shades and hues can affect your mood and the energy flow in a home; for instance, red shades are said to inspire passion, blues instill a sense of calm, and yellows spark creativity. If you repaint your door, it saves you the cost of a replacement, and you’ll be surprised how completely different your door and room looks with a fresh coat of color. 

Contemporary vs. traditional

Whether you prefer the traditional design, contemporary design, or a comfortable compromise containing elements of both depends on personal taste. However, blending both styles requires a considerable amount of forethought. Sometimes clashes occur when we refurbish a room in a contemporary style but forget to replace the traditional doors, cornices, and other features. If you’re struggling to decide which style to opt for, read this contemporary v traditional design guide by URdesign

Glass features

Glass features in a door can be purely decorative, practical, or a little bit of both. For instance, a door with an opaque Charles Rennie Mackintosh-style floral motif looks stunning. Still, it serves no particular function other than opening and closing, but a door with clear glass can allow you to keep an eye on kids in the next room while still looking stylish. Furthermore, fitting doors with glass can also allow natural light into your home, which has a calming and refreshing effect. 

Fab front doors 

Your front door serves several purposes – it has to provide security, privacy, and, in its style, perhaps offer a hint of the type of household that exists inside. 

First impressions last, and if guests arrive at a drab looking front door, then they’ll expect to have a dreary evening ahead, plus a door that properly reflects your family dynamic also makes you glad to get home too! If you’re struggling for inspiration, take a look at these front door design ideas from Real Home

Follow these five tips, and your delightful doors will make your home feel like even more of a sanctuary – you can thank us later!