Futurebox is a three-story business incubator and accelerator building made of twelve 40-foot containers and two 20-foot containers with spaces for companies, workshops, and collaborative areas.

Thanks to shipping containers, the idea of prefabricated office spaces and temporary onsite storage in construction became widespread. Shipping containers, also known as Conex containers or portable storage containers, are used in various industries to tackle common storage space problems. These shipping containers have many storage applications in – construction industry, agriculture sector, automotive industry, schools, hospitals, manufacturing industry, and commercial offices. 

Sustainable solutions for construction on a budget, shipping containers as modular storage spaces or office buildings are well-suited for construction requirements like temporary storage and accommodation, and temporary office expansion.

Benefits of Shipping Containers at Construction Sites

Shipping containers are ideal for all construction projects due to their space optimization, cost-effectiveness, and time-effectiveness. They have several advantages:

  • Shipping containers are cost-effective. Since containers are made of high-quality steel, they require little maintenance throughout their lifespans. 
  • Shipping containers are prefabricated and need to be assembled on the job site. The installation is a quick process, and in contrast to the long wait time on traditional construction projects, which could take up to a few months to complete, shipping container offices can be set up in just a couple of days. This makes them highly operational in no time. They can also be dismantled equally easily.
  • Portable shipping containers can be relocated easily. So, when you have to switch locations or move to another construction site for a new project, you can disassemble and reassemble your Conex containers conveniently.
  • Construction site offices and storage containers are made from shipping containers, initially designed for transportation across seas. This means they are highly portable and can easily be moved anywhere in the country.
  • Shipping containers are durable and sturdy. They are resistant to extreme weather fluctuations and temperatures, natural disasters such as earthquakes and storms, and security and protection against theft.
  • Electrical components are already included in the containers, so you don’t need to set them up from scratch. Most come with electrical, phone, and computer outlets. In case you need additional features and add-ons in your container spaces such as lights, flooring, bathroom, lock boxes, or HVAC, you can get custom shipping containers that meet all the requirements. 

Types of Shipping Containers Suitable for the Construction Industry

There are three types of shipping containers that can be used on your construction sites for different purposes: 

Storage containers

  • A portable storage shipping container is the perfect solution for storing your construction equipment and tools, such as IT hardware, computer systems, or surveillance equipment. They are available in various sizes to store multiple kinds of materials. 
  • Shipping containers provide high security and can protect your equipment with the help of installed lock systems. 
  • They can also safely store fuel and oil on construction sites and prevent spills or leakages in compliance with regulatory standards and guidelines.

Office containers with HVAC

  • All construction projects require onsite offices. However, these requirements are temporary, only until the project is completed. Shipping containers are ideal in this case. 
  • Shipping containers make excellent high-security portable offices with HVAC units.
  • They can be used as supply spaces for a central office, employee break rooms, and conference meeting rooms. 
  • Mobile containers can also be used for onsite amenities for your employees and workers, such as restrooms and temporary housing and accommodation.  

Office storage combo containers

  • These combo shipping containers give you the flexibility to use your portable storage container for multiple purposes, saving essential onsite space. 
  • These onsite shipping containers offer storage and temporary office spaces with features such as HVAC and R-11 insulated walls and ceilings.
  • They can be customized to meet individual construction project requirements and are best suited for projects where you don’t have a lot of space for separate onsite office and storage spaces.

Using Containers for On-Site Offices

Portable containers are an excellent solution for onsite offices and other amenities such as bathrooms, accommodation, and more. Shipping containers are durable, weather-resistant, and have great strength. So, they can be used on construction sites that are usually hazardous environments, and they offer high structural integrity and stability. The base unit of shipping containers can safely withstand more than 60,000 pounds of pressure. This protects the workers from falling debris.

Shipping containers are available in various sizes, and you can use either 20 ft shipping containers or 40 ft shipping containers depending on your needs. For large projects, multiple containers can be stacked on top of one another to optimize vital onsite space usage.

Other than offices, mobile containers can also be used as portable restrooms, shower blocks, break rooms, sleeping cabins, drying rooms, and canteens for your workers. They are affordable, hygienic, and portable, and hence a quick and flexible solution for your onsite requirements. 

Onsite medical facilities are also important in construction. Workers are under a constant threat of injuries and hazards, and basic healthcare services can be made available by turning shipping containers into medical rooms.  

Using Containers for Onsite Storage

Apart from office spaces, shipping containers are also the go-to for onsite storage for many construction projects. Made from high-quality steel and featuring add-ons such as lock systems, shipping containers are almost impossible to break into. This makes them a safe and reliable option for the storage of expensive and fragile construction materials, tools, equipment, and work supplies.   

Storage containers are structurally stable, scalable, flexible, portable, and strong. Additionally, they can be customized with doors, windows, lighting, electrical hookups, climate control, plumbing, etc. They are easy to ship, place, and retrofit. They can also be conveniently relocated and removed once they are not required anymore. 

Shipping containers are also resistant to corrosion and do a great job protecting the equipment you store in them from external weather and temperature, and atmospheric moisture. 


With their durability, strength, weather and temperature resistance, mobility, and customizability, Shipping containers are the most affordable solutions for your construction site’s storage and office space needs. They provide safety and security in compliance with storage and construction regulations, all while being cost-effective. Custom containers can be used innovatively in infinite ways to solve your construction project storage needs.