So, you have a spare room and you’re not sure what to do with it? If you love hosting and having people stay, it’s a no-brainer. Turn your spare room into a gorgeous guest bedroom that will make everyone feel at home.

Having a guest bedroom is particularly nice if you’re a young adult and love having your friends over all the time. It’s also very convenient if you live far from the city and people need to crash at yours. Whatever your reason for wanting a guest bedroom, have fun designing it and read on for some great decorating inspiration.

Make sure they have a great night’s sleep

You can decorate it as beautifully as you like, but that all fades into insignificance if your guest can’t get to sleep. First, turn your attention to the mattress and invest in one that is soft and cozy whilst also supportive.

Then, dress the bed to impress. Layer the bed with lots of blankets, duvets, and cushions, giving your guest the option to take them or leave them as they choose. And when it comes to bedding, go for good quality sheets that come in neutral shades. This room is designed to suit anyone, so it’s best to keep things understated to align with everyone’s tastes.

Make it a safe and serene haven

Most people feel slightly uneasy sleeping in someone else’s house. There are plenty of things to get accustomed to, so make the transition as easy as possible by creating a relaxed, calm atmosphere that will put your guests at ease.

Add pops of color with some artwork, create a warm glow with some high-quality lampshades and go wild with potted plants. Then turn your attention to the smell, adding a diffuser to give the room a clean and refreshing scent.

Make it practical

A great bedroom also has to be functional. Make your guests feel really at home by clearing out some drawers and cupboards so they can hang up their clothes and not feel like they’re living out of a suitcase. Don’t forget to leave a clean towel on the bed too!

Next, consider what your guests might have in their bedrooms. Buy some bedside tables so they can reach their phone with ease, placing it close to a plug socket if they need to charge it.

Make it a great place to hang out

If your guest is staying for a while, they will need some time for themselves in their room. Install a TV or computer so they can still enjoy their room in supreme comfort and feel at home. Whatever you think you’d appreciate in a bedroom, get it!