Are the winter blues getting you down, or are you craving some extra vitamin D?

There’s nothing like stretching out on a sun lounger, drinking ice-cold cocktails, and dipping your toes in the sea.

To whet your appetite for an unforgettable holiday experience, we’ve compiled a list of the most luxurious holiday resorts in the world.

Mykono Greece luxurious resort in the world

1. Mykonos, Greece

Greece is the go-to destination for the young and old, and perfect for those who love adventure!

With hot sandy beaches, wonderful food, and the promise of a golden sun tan, Greece is the place to be.

If you want to flirt with the company of billionaires, make sure to visit the island of Mykonos, also known as the party capital of the country. The place has been hailed as “the new Ibiza” and is also known for its adventure sports, making windsurfing on the blue ocean a common pastime for residents and tourists alike.

Mykonos is also particularly well-known for its Cycladic architecture, consisting of flat roofs, whitewashed walls, and wooden doors.

2. Baa Atoll, The Maldives

The Maldives is a cluster of around 1,200 islands and sandbanks and is an infamously luxurious location for the aspiring traveler, and the perfect addition to any bucket list.

Baa Atoll is situated in the midst of The Maldives, offering an unparalleled luxurious experience of sun, sea, and sand.

Resorts like Finolhu are fully equipped to provide you with the ultimate eco-friendly holiday, free from plastic, and protective of the aquatic life that surrounds the resort. The area has been declared a biosphere reserve and is protected by UNESCO, meaning you can experience the native animals in their habits without human interference.

3. Tortuguero, Costa Rica

A true tropical paradise straddling the two Americas, Costa Rica is the perfect place for a tropical whirlwind of a holiday. With a wonderful mix of lush green forests, volcanoes, and dreamy coastlines, you’re all set for a holiday to remember.

Tortuguero, meaning “land of the turtles” is Costa Rica’s answer to the Amazon Rainforest, with its well-known reputation for the large number of turtles that nest between April and May along the shore.

This is a fantastic location for animal lovers and eco-activists, and perfect for some jungle hiking, and exploring the national park.

Dubai Luxurious Resort in the World

4. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

There’s no place like Dubai for a tourism and luxury hotel hotspot in the world. The city has a huge cultural history, famed for its opulence, towering shopping malls, and most notably the Burj Khalifa, which has been the tallest building in the world since 2009. 

Those wanting to experience Dubai will fall in love with the excellent cuisine, the annual Dubai International Film Festival, endless entertainment options, and the flourishing contemporary art scene. 

Transport links across the city are well-integrated, and there are easy bus, tram, and air links from the city, meaning traveling further afield is simple.

Do you know of any luxury holiday destinations? Leave your answer in the comments below!