The top online casinos are packed full of fantastic games, and it can be difficult to know where to begin. Some of the options include slots, table games, live casino games, and card games but which of these categories is the most popular?

In terms of sheer quantity of games, there are no doubt slot games still reign supreme at online casinos. If you head to any of the leading online casinos, the slot games category will have more games than any other section on the website. One of the main reasons why there are always more slot games than any other form of online casino game is because it is easier for game developing companies to create new online slots. That is not to say making a good online slot game is easy, it is far from it and a lot of work goes into producing the best online slots. However, devising a new version of a table game, such as roulette or blackjack is extremely difficult in comparison to a slot game. Online casinos have already pushed the boundaries in terms of what is possible with table and card games but there is no limit to the design of a slot game. Slot games can take on various themes easily and that is why you see such a variety of slots at casinos.

The inspiration for slot games at online casinos comes from all walks of life, including fairy tales, movies, music, sport, witches, magic, wizards, celebrities, zombies, space, fruit, jewels, cartoons, and many more. The options are endless and that is why we see new slot games introduced to online casinos every year, with monthly and sometimes weekly additions. If you head to the ‘new’ section of an online casino, chances are most of the newly added games are slot games. Licensed themed games appeal to players and online slots are perfectly suited to a wide variety of themes. In fact, you will find a huge list of online slots based on movie and television shows and characters. So, not only do you have regular online gamblers playing these games but fans of the shows and characters are also tempted to play.

You should always play slot games for fun and not with the expectation of making a profit, but the potential winnings are what make online slots tempting. Progressive jackpots mean the potential winnings can increase each time you play the slot and that is a feature not available in other types of online casino games. A progressive jackpot keeps on growing each time people play the slot game until one lucky winner walks away with the money. This is not a feature of table games, and it is possible to become a millionaire from one lucky spin of the slots, which is hugely appealing. With the opportunity to win such a significant amount of money, it is easy to see why slots still reign supreme at online casinos.

Free spins are another reason slots continue to be the most popular type of game at online casinos. When joining a casino for the first time, you will be offered a welcome bonus and in addition to a matched deposit bonus, these often come with free spins. The free spins may be for a specific slot, or you can choose the slot on which you would like to use the spins. It is possible to enjoy between 20 and 200 free spins on the slots depending on the casino offer. That is another tick in the box for slots and why they are still so popular at online casinos.