You can take a luxury vacation to nearly every country, complete with all-inclusive amenities, five-star service, and beautiful lodging. It’s fun to sit by the pool all day with a cold cocktail in your hand, but there are lots of other great activities that you definitely shouldn’t miss.


Spa Day

Have a Spa Day

Lots of people plan on booking a spa day at their resort, but so many travelers neglect to follow through with it (a day at the pool and jacuzzi gives you spa-level relaxation, as it is). But you definitely shouldn’t miss the opportunity to have a hot rocks massage, pedicure, or skincare treatment. There are so many different types of services that spas offer, and you’re bound to find one that makes your body and soul feel totally rejuvenated. In foreign countries, you’re also bound to find spa treatments that are much cheaper than in the United States.

Attend a Sports Game

One of the coolest cultural experiences is to attend a local sports game if there’s a popular team that plays in your vacation destination. If you’re traveling to England, for instance, you might want to get a ticket to a Liverpool game. Or if you’re visiting New York City, you could get a ticket to a Yankees game at historic Yankees Stadium. You can always purchase luxury seating, but it can also be fun to sit right in the middle of the crowd so you can enjoy the energy of a frenzied fanbase.

Go on a Scenic Run

If you’re a runner, then you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to take a short morning or evening jog wherever you’re traveling. Some vacation destinations have beautiful areas for jogging. What’s better than jogging along a beach in Cabo San Lucas, with the sun rising over the Pacific Ocean and a soothing ocean breeze cooling your face? Be sure to bring your running sneakers on your vacation, especially if you’re vacationing in a gorgeous locale.

Close up of golf club and ball.

Play at the World’s Top Golf Courses

Some luxury vacation destinations are equipped with or located near the world’s top golf courses. Don’t miss the opportunity to play on golf courses that frequently host professional tournaments and which are coveted by pros and amateurs alike. You don’t have to pack your golf clubs—just rent them at the course, and be sure to enjoy a luxury meal and cocktail at the country club after your 18-hole.

Try the Local Brews

One of the great joys of traveling is getting to experience the local brews. In the United States, for example, there are plenty of cities that produce very unique local beers. Some parts of the world are renowned for their wineries, like California, France, Italy, and South Africa, to name a few. Other places produce famous liquors (like rum in the Caribbean) while others produce alcohol that you’ve never heard of. Be sure to go out and experience the local brews when you’re on vacation.

Experience the Local Nightlife

Luxury resorts often feature their own unique nightlife events for guests. But you shouldn’t be afraid to venture away from your resort and experience the local nightlife. If you’re vacationing in a large city or a popular vacation getaway, there are bound to be some luxury nightclubs in which you can buy bottle service. If that’s not quite your style, you should look for smaller dive bars that are popular with the locals. It’s nice to get free liquor at an all-inclusive resort but set aside one night for a local nightlife excursion.


Go on a Yacht Cruise

Book a yacht cruise if you’re vacationing in a coastal destination. Some landscapes are meant to be seen from the water, and most yacht cruises offer dining options and onboard alcohol. Your cruise can be romantic, leisurely, or party-centric. Some locations are some popular for yachting that they host annual yachting festivals, which you can’t miss.

Take in Nature

As mentioned before, some luxury resorts are so grand that you can easily spend your entire vacation within their walls. Some locales feature amazing nature experiences, like national parks, wildlife viewing, or cruising. Be sure to bring your hiking shoes and spend an afternoon or two immersing yourself in the unique outdoor areas that are in these locations. Your luxury resort should be able to arrange transportation or tours of these natural areas.

On your next luxury vacation, be sure to check out all these amazing activities in and outside of your resort!