Many of us have been there; we start a paint job to realize that we’ve made a huge mistake. Whether it be picking the wrong color, smudging the paint, or using the wrong tools, mistakes during painting can quickly become a nightmare and bring a ton of unnecessary frustration into the job.

The worst part about all of this is that many of these mistakes can be very easily avoided if proper research and time were put into it. Make sure that you paint smart and don’t end up like the rest of the fools who end up creating more and more unnecessary work for themselves.

Here is a list of a few mistakes people make while painting and how they can easily be avoided.

Paint smudges and painting wrong areas

Painting near corners and edges can be difficult. One slip of the hand can end up putting paint on another wall, or a piece of furniture. Have you ever been to someone’s house and seen paint smudged or ended up on the wrong surface? Fortunately for you, there is an easy answer to this that ensures you don’t end up like your friend. Investing in painters tape to put around the edges and any areas you want to make sure you don’t get paint on them. An easy and affordable solution, painters tape, will make sure that the paint stays where you want it, creating an even look that you don’t have to be embarrassed about when people come over to visit.
purple paint roller

Painting only with rollers or brushes

If you’re driving a stick-shift car, would you keep it in the same gear for the whole ride? Of course, not every gear has a purpose and helps to create a better functioning car. In the same way, each brush and roller has a purpose, and when all of them are used together, your painting job becomes much more efficient and mistake-free. Rollers do a terrible job of precision painting, and that is where brushes can come in handy.

Brushes do not apply an even coat as well as rollers do, so rollers are useful in that aspect. Paint sprayers can also be used, which are quite versatile and can be used for many different tasks. You can click here to read information about paint sprayers and their uses. Regardless of the task at hand, make sure that you go into painting with all the correct tools because once you have started painting, it becomes very hard to stop, go to the store and come back to keep the job going. Plan and be a smart painter and buy the tools your job requires, and your budget allows.

Not considering themes

Have you ever stepped into a room where the color of the wall does not match anything in the room? Was the room visually appealing to you, or did you find it clashing with things? When painting, people often don’t look at the big picture when choosing colors. Sure, you want to add your creativity and flair to the room; however, you must make sure it is done within the context of the room itself. Not picking a color that goes with the furniture in the room and other objects in the room can make the walls or the furniture look out of place. The wall color doesn’t have to match the furniture exactly also. It can be a lighter, more subtle shade, it can be bold to bring emphasis and excitement into the room, or it can be a color that is complementary to that in the room. The rule of three is another important rule to consider colors.

It is generally advised that you do not exceed more than three primary colors in the room to keep things from getting too chaotic. Some people try to add way too much color via painting into their rooms, and it ends up looking poorly, instead of how the person imagined it. Using only one color, while it will create a theme, can often be bland and boring as well. Look at the big picture when painting and make sure the colors will blend and give the room a theme you enjoy.

By following these tips and avoiding these mistakes, you can significantly reduce the amount of stress and mistakes within your painting. Don’t become one of those people with a ton of mistakes in their color schemes or painting itself. Get yourself the right materials, pick up the correct tools, and choose the right colors to make sure your painting job becomes one that you are proud of.