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Sherree Valentine Daines – Portrait Artist To Royalty & The Stars

She's known as 'The Face of Modern British Impressionism,' with 2020 seeing her celebrating four decades at the forefront of her field. Angela Sara West talks to the UK's leading modern Impressionist, Sherree...

How to Hire the Right Home Painting Contractor

Hiring a home painting contractor is often more complicated than it seems because you want someone with the right experience while also finding someone who is within your budget -- Getting an...

Parisian artist Anaïs de Contades creates contemporary art that you can wear

Anaïs de Contades Paris is reincarnating the silk scarf. The “Maison d’art à porter” is founded on the artwork and creative life of the prodigious, 21-year-old contemporary poet, artist and muse Anaïs...

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