Appetite is unique when it comes to food since many people crave different things that depend on their mood. In addition, dishes from around the world are quite different since all foods have different origins, and those origins are where the flavors of each food came from; some foods are spicy, some foods are sweet, and some foods are sour. Through this origin of flavors, it creates many unique flavors. 

Foods are considered one type of escape from stress or melancholy. Vacation is also an escape or gateway to other people as it keeps your mind away from those stressful things. So not only have you given yourself free time, but you also made your tummy happy. To keep you and your tummy pleased, below are some of the best dishes of each continent with unique and delicious flavors that you can try during your vacation.

Europe – Wiener Schnitzel

Europe is known to have high-quality dishes served directly at your table. But according to Next Vacay’s cheap European vacation guide, finding these restaurants can be tricky, especially if it’s your first time visiting.

Wiener Schnitzel is considered the “go-to” food to recommend. This dish consists of delicious veal, known as the best in Austria since they specialize in veal dishes. To experience this food’s twist, adding parmesan cheese, cashew nuts, and herbs to the bread crumbs will bring more unique flavors.

Africa – African Chicken and Peanut Stew

Africa is known to have native ingredients that can offer you the best delicacy. For example, West African Chicken and Peanut Stew is the number one dish in Africa. If you love peanuts, this dish will suit your taste. In addition, it also contains chicken with fresh okra and sweet potato with peanut butter as part of the savory sauce.

 Asia – Korean Barbecue Beef

Asia has a variety of unique foods that they can offer you. Korean Barbecue Beef or Bulgogi is one of the best dishes partnered with the famous spicy kimchi. Bulgogi is a sirloin steak or cut that is further cut thin and mixed with soy sauce, sesame oil, onions, etc. It is then grilled to enhance the flavor delivered by the spices. Since the meat is thin and soft, it’ll absorb more flavors. The tenderness and flavor is the reason why many people love eating this dish.

North America – American Burger

North America is known as the burger continent since they offer the most delicious burgers. To try the most famous delicacy in North America, you should take your time to try their American burger. 

There are different varieties of American burgers today. You can find burgers with elk patties, pastrami, shoyu sauce, and more. Often served with fries or chips and a large soda, burgers are some of the most delicious, quick meals you can get when you’re in the US or Canada.

South America – Argentinian Steak

North America is not the only one with the best delicacies. If you’re looking for the best steak across the globe, South America’s Argentinian Steak with Chimichurri Sauce is a top-notch delicacy that you must not miss when visiting this continent. 

This dish is one of the best dishes that you should try after you’ve arrived in Argentina. Their Steak is not just an ordinary steak that you will find in the market, as it is fresh and cut from high-quality cattle that are bred specifically for this type of meat. Also, Chimichurri is the key ingredient in Argentinian Steak in combination with its ubiquitous steak sauce, as it brings more flavors to the plate.

Australia – Lamb Chop and Bush Tomato Curry

Australia is the land of meat. This country and continent are where you can try one of the best lamb dishes which are Lamb Chop and Bush Tomato Curry. The dish consists of rice, bush tomato, and cinnamon, which are all blended in with the lamb to make a curry. 

With immigration today, Indian foods are all over Australia and have become a crucial part of some Australian dishes. Also, the dish is an adaptation of India’s famous curry dishes, which makes it interesting as it mixes well with the cinnamon and bush tomato that melts in your mouth.

Antarctica – Pemmican

The food that is best to try in Antarctica is the Pemmican. The dish comprises ground and dried meat and contains a lot of fat since it helps establish heat in your body for the cold weather in Antarctica. 

In addition, it contains a lot of calories which boosts your body. However, some people find it not appetizing to the eyes mainly because this is more likely a survival food. But, once you’ve tried it, you can experience tons of unique flavors inside. 


A vacation with food is the best trip you could try. Not only will you be sightseeing spots on the continent, but you can also enjoy the food and their unique and tasty food. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your things, start your vacation, travel across the globe, and taste these must-try dishes.