Although customers are often unaware of it, the interior design of a restaurant or bar has a great influence on the final result of the dining experience. It happens that food is not the only parameter when evaluating a restaurant; although it is one of the most important factors, it is not the only one. 

Of course, it is essential that the food in a restaurant or bar is tasty; but there are also many other aspects that can make the evening a success or a complete disaster. And most of them have to do with the restaurant furniture.

Have you ever noticed that certain establishments offer excellent food but still don’t have many customers? Or how certain places have average food but are super popular for setting a trend in their style, which everyone wants to imitate? Well, that’s mostly due to the design of the space and its furniture. 

In this article, we will look at some of the key concepts when it comes to restaurant bar design. What the latest trend dictates, and how to solve in a proper and organized way the spaces. Let’s get started!

Interior of cozy luxury restaurant with original design

As cozy as our grandmother’s home

One of the latest trends in interior decoration in restaurants and bars is to pay homage to our grandmothers; through spaces set with a familiar and homey imprint, antique objects, the table well set with dishes from a few decades ago, and a meal arranged as if it were in your own home: with a jar of juice on the table, along with several food plates to serve de dishes right at that moment on the table.

Kitchen at sight

Although this concept has been around for quite some time, it is still a trend. The reality is that customers like to see how the food is prepared because it generates confidence in the product. In addition, it is not only about customers being able to see the preparation of the dishes but to establish the very act of cooking in front of everyone’s eyes as the protagonist of the evening. 

The menu detailed on the blackboards

This style of decoration has also been a trend for some years, but it is still in full swing. It is the typical blackboards written with chalk of different colors that can be placed both on the sidewalks of the establishments (offering promotions and dishes of the day), as well as on the walls. Many times the wall is painted directly with chalkboard paint, and that’s it! In hamburger restaurants, it is very common for the entire menu to be written on the blackboard walls. 

Another option that has been seen, but is not as common, is for the waiters to carry a small blackboard with them to read the dishes of the day to the diners. 

No more low tables

Recently, the trend of high tables and chairs has become popular, as opposed to the trend of low tables and armchairs, and even cushions on the floor, in the oriental style that were a huge boom a few years ago. But not anymore, it seems that someone had established that nobody wants to eat bending down and uncomfortable anymore; and then the idea of high tables and chairs was born. Today, practically all restaurants and bars use this type of furniture on their premises. 

Warm light is here to stay

It is practically a law to use warm, enveloping, and right-above the table lights. It could be said that halogen lamps are definitely forbidden and totally out of fashion. The warm light invites people to enter since it generates the sensation of being in a cozy and intimate place. It seems like a silly detail but the lighting design of a venue really makes a difference!

The reign of the simple and minimalist 

The combination of styles and the collage of textures are no longer part of the latest trend in interior design in restaurants and bars. Today the environments stand out for minimalism and simplicity, where light and neutral colors reign, such as white or wood colors, along with simple furniture with straight angles, raw materials, and neutral colors.