Are you planning a holiday getaway to France? France is a beautiful country which offers all kinds of scenery, from the mountains, and breathtaking beaches, to historic ruins. The most promising way to enjoy your vacation is by renting a villa that offers an ideal space for you and your family. Read on to discover the best luxury villa rentals in Provence.

1. ChicVillas

The first luxury villa rental in Provence is the chic villa, and this rental villa is situated opposite Mount Ventoux, set in the middle of the splendid countryside. Chicvillas have a beautiful living space with high ceilings open to beautiful mountains and olive groves scenery. This villa also has two terraces whereby one has a beautiful garden and swimming pool with an open view of Mont Ventoux.

Chez le Vigneron Villa in France
Courtesy of Chicvilla/Chez le Vigneron

2. Chez le Vigneron

Chez le vigneron villa is located in the Dordogne and borders the woods, offering beautiful views of the vineyards and farmland. The villa has four rooms that overlook a lovely courtyard and can accommodate eight people. You can find many activities at this beautiful villa, such as mountain biking, hiking, and fishing.

Joli Champ Dordogne France Villa
Courtesy of Chicvilla/Joli Champ Villa

3. Joli Champ

Joli Champ is located in Bergerac, France. This villa is a family-friendly home with three bedrooms and a well-equipped open-plan kitchen and mezzanine containing children’s toys. The kitchen offers a fantastic view of the fields and pools. Joly Champ has a beautiful and peaceful countryside setting. There are small farms and vineyards that you can explore with a bike or car, and also you can explore the village that is only a few minutes away from the villa.

Villa Azure, French Riviera
Courtesy of Chicvilla/Villa Azure

4. Villa Azure

If you love the sea, Villa Azure is the best place for you. This outstanding villa is just above the sea and has outstanding views and a swimming pool. Villa Azure has four bedrooms (sleeps for 10), and each room and bathroom has mesmerizing sea views. The villa offers the best place to enjoy the sun and the sea air.

Belle Vue Villa France
Courtesy of Chicvilla/Belle Vue Villa

5. Belle Vue Villa

The fifth villa in France is Belle Vue Villa, and this beautiful villa is located on a hill with a dazzling view of the Dordogne valley. The villa has four bedrooms that can accommodate eight people, and the best thing about the Belle Vue Villa villa is that it offers you a private swimming pool with beautiful valley views giving you a posh life vibe. Belle Vue Villa offers you a quiet and peaceful space and has many places to explore that are not far away from the villa.

Villa Shambhala, Dordogne
Courtesy of Chicvilla/Villa Shambhala, Dordogne

6. Villa Shambhala, Dordogne

The last villa in France is the Villa Shambhala, and it overlooks the river banks of the Dordogne. The villa owner has a passion for art and style, reflected in all the bedrooms. Villa Shambhala takes advantage of the river setting by setting a fountain garden with tables and chairs where you can enjoy reading your favorite book or sipping your favorite wine while watching the river. The villa’s roof terrace offers a breathtaking view of the sunrise and sunset.