Smart home devices are a great way to make your home a bit more livable, cozy, and inviting for yourself and your guests. From smart speakers that deliver incredible sound to smart fridges that let you look at your groceries without having to open the fridge door; these appliances and devices make everything so accessible. Plus, not having to get up from your couch when your favorite TV show is on is such a luxury.

Below, we’ve put together a list of all the most luxe smart home appliances you can purchase. Before you purchase them, keep in mind that smart home devices are some of the most often targeted IoT devices by hackers. 

The best way to protect yourself is to create passwords or passcodes that are strong and resistant to possible hacks. Avoid using common passwords and store your passwords properly using a password management system. 

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Smart Home device speakers

1. Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Smart Speaker

Bowers & Wilkins created the original Zeppelin speaker almost 16 years ago, but it’s still as stylish as ever. The 2021 version of the speaker has built-in Alexa voice control and exemplary sound quality. If you’re a fan of rich bass and warmer sounds, this is the speaker for you. You can also control the bass and treble settings with a smartphone app. 

The stylish and iconic design of the Zeppelin makes it a statement piece in any room and will definitely turn heads when you’re entertaining guests. Available for $799. 

Arlo Pro 4 wireless security camera smart home device

2. Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera 

Outdoor cameras are a great way to protect your yards and home. This Arlo 4 Spotlight camera is wireless and delivers 2K HDR video quality. There’s even color night vision. 

The sturdy camera can be integrated into any Alexa, Google, or Apple smart home system and other third-party applications. A built-in siren also scares away potential intruders and alerts you if something is up. Available for $199.99. 

ADT Command 5 Touchscreen smart home device

3. ADT Command

If you’re looking for a more fully-integrated security system, you’ll want to get the ADT Command. 

A subscription for ADT Command comes with a smart home security touchpad, video security cameras, and professional installation. Besides video surveillance, the system comes with fire, flood, and carbon monoxide detection. There are multiple different packages you can choose from, depending on your needs, including the ADT Command Smart. Visit the site to get a quote. 

LG Signature 31 cu ft InstaView Refrigerator smart home device

4. LG Signature InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator

With innovative and premium features, the LG Signature InstaView refrigerator upgrades your home instantly. 

Want to look into your fridge? Just knock twice on the door-in-door mirrored glass panel to see. Want to open the refrigerator without having to touch it? The Auto Open Door smart sensor does it for you when you stand close enough. 

But that’s not all. The fridge is compatible with the LG ThinQ app that monitors the conditions of your fridge, allowing you to set the right temperature and conserve more energy. The LG Signature Instaview is available in multiple sizes. Visit the site here to view the complete collection. 

Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni Smart Home Device vacuum

5. Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni

The Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni is everything you need (and want) in a robot vacuum. For starters, it’s both a vacuum cleaner and a mop. 

With a self-emptying bin, a built-in voice assistant, and an AI-powered obstacle avoidance system, this vacuum cleaner takes automation to the next level. The Ecovacs Deebot also doubles as a security camera, too. Available for $1,549.

Gina smart home device coffee maker

6. GINA Smart Coffee Maker

This award-winning coffee machine by Goat Story brews coffee in three different ways: pour-over, immersion, and cold drip. It also doubles up as a tea maker.

The GINA Smart comes integrated with a hidden scale that measures the right amount of coffee and water needed to brew a delicious cup of joe. This frees up space on the countertop. All data syncs to the smart app via Bluetooth. Available for $260. 

Sleep Number 360 Smart home device Bed

7. Sleep Number 360 i8 Smart Bed

The Sleep Number 360 Smart Beds come with a smart mattress and frame. 

The smart mattress has a temperature sensor that keeps you cool while you sleep, and the base elevates your feet to improve blood circulation. The mattress also tracks your sleep, heart rate, and breathing before syncing to an app for you to monitor. 

Depending on your needs, you can customize the features you might want to include as part of your package. Queen-sized mattresses start at $1,099 for an entry-level model and $1,499 for a queen-sized frame. Visit the site to see all available options. 

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi

8. Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi

Getting ready each morning has never been more exciting and fun than with the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi. Besides showing you your reflection, this mirror doubles up as a smart speaker with Alexa compatibility so you can play your favorite tunes while getting ready. You can also adjust the light settings to make applying makeup and other skincare products easier. Available for $400.

Remember, once you’ve purchased these smart home devices, try to secure them with a password or more where possible.