Got back from a vacation and can’t seem to fit in your room after those luxurious stays at the hotel? Don’t be so eager to book another trip just yet; you can apply that same level of class into your household. But how exactly can you make these changes? Well, take a look at the five easy ways to make your bedroom look more luxurious in no time. Read on for some in-depth advice.

How to Make Your Bedroom Look More Luxurious

Add a Sofa Bed

If you want to bring luxury into a small space, sofa beds are the perfect way to do that. From mid-century modern to sleek charcoal greys, sofa beds come in different aesthetics. In that way, they can instantly bring style and versatility to your room. Plus, they provide that extra seating that doubles as a bed for your guests. Or you can look at it as a compact bed that secretly folds into a sofa during the day. Either way, you get a valuable new addition.

You can go with a fold-out or a pull-out. A fold-out sofa morphs into a bed when the back and the seat align. Comparatively, the bed frame is pulled out from a pull-out sofa bed, as the name already suggests. Both are great options for various space limitations. Fold-outs are generally more compact and take less floor space when turned into a bed. A pull-out bed is similar to a traditional sofa and is ideal if you need one more couch instead of a bed.

Apart from being a great space-saving solution, they are also highly affordable. You can find some comfortable, trendy, and affordable picks here.

Use the Space Correctly 

How many times have you missed your morning alarm or had sleepless nights just because you can’t find that sweet sleeping spot? If that’s the case, adding some smart devices can bring that “next-level” feel to your setup. With one move, you’ll utilize higher-tech and freshen up the interior. 

If you hate having to step out of your cozy bed to turn off the lights, smart lights are just the thing for you. You can control them with your phone, turning them on/off on a whim. Plus, they come in more than color, able to rapidly alter the whole tint of the room. When you are getting those smart lights, you can also pick up a few smart plugs too. In that way, you’ll have the means to spice things up quickly.  

Another great addition to your room would be smart pillows. They can help you sleep better by preventing snoring and neck pains. They are adjustable and effective. Plus, you can combine them with assistive devices such as Google Home. These tools will set your alarms, schedule meetings, play your favorite songs, and much more, all on voice command.

Luxurious Master bedroom

Upgrade Your Lighting 

An excellent way to give your bedroom a facelift is to enrich the lighting with some trendy zest. Whether you’re dealing with high ceilings or more compact spaces, having outdated light sources can quickly ruin the impression. The key is to incorporate soft lighting using modern pendant lights or even chandeliers if it goes with your room. 

Another great way to light up a room is by changing the lampshades. This will improve the “feel” of the space, and it won’t cost much to accomplish. You can also add shades with more textures, thus creating new ways to enjoy those scenic sunsets. Plus, a slightly taller shade visually increases the height of your room. In short, these approaches add up to a much more luxe aesthetic.

You can also change or add lighting to your nightstand. It will add sophistication to your room and protect your toes from colliding with things in the dark. However, choosing the right type of night light is crucial for the production of melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone. A dim light is generally preferred, but everyone has their biological clock. Hence, you might need some time to get used to it.

Incorporate a Rug

If your room is looking a little too uneventful, consider adding a rug. It’s even better if you find one that matches the rest of the bedroom’s elements. In that way, you can tie everything together with taste. On the other hand, a rug makes a space look cozy and adds texture wherever applied. Most notably, if you’re living in a colder location, a warm rug can instantly contribute towards a more welcoming homestead. 

Luxurious Master bedroom

When it comes to rugs, you have a ton of options to choose from. You can go with plain neutrals, patterns, or even layer multiple rigs together. If you have a lot going on the walls, a single color for the floor would be the way to go. However, if the rest of your room is minimalistic, you can bring in an accent rug that will attract eyes to it. You can also experiment using various shapes of rugs if it compliments the rest of the room.

Adding Small Touches

You can never know what changing the hardware of your drawers or adding a planter to your nightstand does to your room until you do it. Some decorative pieces, a plant, new door handles, frames, and pillows can instantly elevate the space. 

You can DIY old frames if you don’t want to spend hundreds on wall décor. That will bring color to your room and apply a more personal touch. Or, to make it look more like a resting area, try adding a few throw pillows and fluffy blankets.

Plants are another great option. Their inherent freshness is always welcome. Plus, they look lively and luxurious at the same time. Yet, it is much better to put them in chic and trendy planters. For some further tips, you should give this article a read.

Final Thoughts

In the end, your bedroom should be your favorite corner of the house, where you can find rest and peace. So, make sure you never compromise its comfort. Yet, you can do a lot when it comes to looks. A few simple elements can instantly add to the luxury. Next, you can relax in style!