When you’re about to go to yoga class and can’t decide what clothes to wear? You want it to be comfy but cute. Stylish, but not too formal. Plus, your usual gym leggings are all dirty. How do I find the perfect outfit for my next workout session? This blog post will show you how to go about it.

Yoga Tops

There are tons of options out there. Depending on your preferences, you can go with a simple black tank top or pick something more revealing. Tops you can wear to yoga class:

Crop tops. They’re so comfortable and easy to wear. Plus, you don’t have to worry about them bunching up on you because they’re fitted at the waistline.

This is my favorite kind of top for yoga classes. If it’s warm outside, just throw on a denim jacket or sweatshirt over your crop top. This look is very bohemian chic and perfect for some outdoor meditation time after class.

Off-shoulder tops. A less risky alternative would be an off-shoulder top. These are the epitome of comfort, and they look stylish as well. It’s a win-win.

T-shirts. A simple t-shirt will do. Look for something lightweight and breathable so you don’t feel suffocated during your class or after it ends.

You can even find a cute racerback one. Many love these styles because colors don’t fade from them as quickly as on regular t-shirts. Plus, racerbacks accentuate shoulders nicely.


This is where it gets tricky. You want to find flattering leggings that won’t fall or slip up during your yoga session.

Cheaper brands are generally made from sub-par material, so it’s recommendable to spend a bit more money on good-quality ones. The best part is that there are many popular leggings you can consider.

Yoga doesn’t have to be expensive. For example, Lululemon has lots of options for you to choose from, and their stuff never goes out of style.

If you sweat a lot during your workouts, invest in some moisture-wicking leggings. It will prevent the dreaded chafing caused by friction between your legs. Plus, they’ll keep your skin dry, which means less bacterial growth.

Sports bras

Here are just a few options to get your creative juices flowing. Sports bras are expensive, but the investment is worth it. You don’t have to spend tons of money on them, though. For example, Amazon has some great sports bra offers that won’t break the bank. Sports bras you can wear to yoga class:

Tops-only sports bras will give off an athletic vibe while still being feminine and cute. Because who said you couldn’t have style at the gym? For example, try brands on Amazon.

Bralettes are perfect for running or hitting up a cardio dance class. They give more skin exposure than regular sports bras, and they’re super cute too. This one from Victoria’s Secret is $30.

Sports bras with racerback designs are the most popular type of sports bra. They look good with almost anything, and they’re very comfy too. This one from Under Armour runs for $20-$40, depending on your size.

Sweat Pants

You need something cute and stylish, but also not too warm or restricting. Cheaper sweatpants are made of sub-par material (cotton), so they’re cumbersome and uncomfortable. Spending a bit more money is always worth it when you’re buying sports apparel.

For example, this pair from Adidas will keep you super warm, plus it’s not bulky at all. If you want something lightweight, try these Nike sweatpants. They look like comfy pajamas, but they’re great to wear outside (especially if the weather is cold).

The perfect outfit for a workout session is not always easy to find. It can be difficult because there are so many options, and it’s essential that the clothing you wear is flattering and comfortable. It’s a good idea to look for quality attire as they’ll be durable and breathable. Have a vast collection starting from yoga leggings, tops: sports bras, and sweatpants.