To make any house your home, you need to add a few personal touches all around.  One great way to make your house feel homey is to have a few remodel in different rooms. Despite having state-of-the-art technology, your home cannot run without some essential element. One key factor is clean water.

Water is crucial in day-to-day activities around the house. Frankly, without water, you’ll be living in complete filth. You need water for drinking, cooking, washing utensils and clothes, showering, and so much more. Water suppliers try their best to treat water before distributing it to different houses. However, during the distribution process, water gets contaminated. People are highly advised to get water filters to avoid using the contaminated water.

Types of Water Filters | There are many types of water filters for home use. Water filters are devices that remove impurities by lowering the level of contamination in water. The devices use an excellent physical barrier, a biological process, or a chemical process to remove the contamination.

Activated Carbon Filters | This water filter is also known as activated charcoal. It uses a form of carbon that is processed to maximize the number of pores in them. The pores are generally big, but can tap pollutant molecules when water passes through it. This water filter is primarily used to remove organic compounds and to remove chlorine from water.

Ceramic Water Filters | These water filters are made from ceramic, which has small pores in it.  Once the water is run through the filter, large molecules are kept out. Users are advised to treat the ceramic water filters using silver occasionally. This will kill any bacteria and prevent having algae and mold in the water.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter | Reverse osmosis is a method of water filter that uses a membrane with small pores. The membrane allows only clean water to pass and blocks all contaminants.  The purified water is collected while the pollutants are flushed out. The filtered water collected is odorless and clean. Despite being expensive and bulky, these devices are highly effective when it comes to water purification for homes.

Alkaline or Water Ionizers | These types of filters use a process known as electrolysis. This process allows water to pass over plates which are electrically charged. The water is then separated into two streams – one is alkaline, and the other is acidic.  This filtering process allows one to get water that’s low in acidity. Experts show that water with low acidity improves the human skin.

Infrared Filters | These filters work similarly as alkaline filters. The filters use heat and light to charge the water negatively. The charged water becomes soft. This filter system is best suited for homes around hard water areas.

Ultraviolet (UV) Water Filters | This is one of the advanced water purification filters. It uses the light of high frequency to expose water through a glass element. While the water is passing through the component, all living microorganisms are killed, thus purifying the water. These filters are best suited for homeowners that desire to conserve the environment around them.

There are many different filter products on the market. Before purchasing one, it’s essential to do intensive research using sites like homefixplanet to get the best filters for your home.