The city of Indianapolis has always been an important part of the United States, and this is not because it’s the state capital of Indiana. In fact, it has been touted as a major agricultural producer during the 1800s due mostly to its fertile soil. It was not until the 1830s that the city became an important transportation hub.

Today, the city with its more than 800,000 inhabitants has become an important economic hub for the country. Its sprawling urban center is home to large financial institutions, as well as a vibrant cultural landscape that’s based on leisure and innovation.

If you’re new to the so-called Crossroads of America, then you may as well know how to make the most out of your time here. Let’s look at the top things to do while you’re in Indy.

Go on an art crawl | Indianapolis has plenty of destinations for culture aficionados. If you have an affinity for the visual medium, then where else to go other than the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The museum is one of the largest in the country spanning over 150 acres and houses about 50,000 artworks from ancient times to the contemporary era.

The outdoor area also features installations set in a naturalistic landscape. If you have a thirst for the beautiful, then you might as well spend time walking around the halls and admire the works of art on display.

Take a stroll downtown | A visit to any city won’t be complete without a walk around the downtown area. In Indy, you’ll probably do a lot more than just walk around. You can head on over to Georgia Street for a workout session if you want to build your cardio. Moreover, you can take a stroll through historic townships where you can marvel at ages-old architecture.

If you want a more exciting way to make your stay in Indy worthwhile, you can always hit up the local watering holes or try out themed Breakout Games with your friends.

Visit the zoo | Have kids who love animals? Then why not bring them to the Indianapolis Zoo, which is a 64-acre collection of animals and plant species taken from across the globe. The zoo features five bio-domes that are touted for their cleanliness.

The best part about the zoo is its scenic design. First-time visitors will marvel at the White River Gardens which feature a one-mile walkway that provides scenic and breathtaking views of the whole area. If you want to get up close with the animals, the zoo also allows you to swim with the dolphins and watch them do tricks. If you want good old-fashioned family fun, than the zoo is a special place to start.

Take a scenic boat ride | Why traverse the famous canals of Venice when you can take a boat ride along Indy’s Central Canal. For $25, you can go on a boat ride with other people and view the city skyline. You can also pass by historic landmarks and monuments.