While you focus your security against external forces like burglary or home invasion, you should also be apprised of any internal threats that may cause accidents at home. Always check each part of your house for any signs of danger and never be complacent with your equipment ensconced in safe surroundings.

Home is one of the safest places you can go. It is where you find shelter and protection, especially from external threats. But at times, simple things like a loose nail or a defective chair, or hidden troubles like termite infestation may lead to mishaps that can cause mild to serious injury. These internal threats then should be looked into regularly to avoid unnecessary and costly accidents. Your efforts should not just focus on securing your haven from external forces. You should first look inside your home to rule out any possibilities of danger.

Here are several possible safety hazards you should check around the house.

Fire Hazards | Fire is one of the worst disasters that can happen at home. It can start from the littlest negligence like candles, match or lighters but can definitely burn the whole property down. For these things, you just need to store them away from children or supervise them. Or when you use these materials, never leave a burning one unattended. It only takes a few minutes before other materials catch fire.

Another thing to be keen with is electrical safety. Unsafe use of electricity or electrical fault can lead to fire emergencies. One example is overloading electrical outlets. Bombarding one outlet with multiple cords can result to short circuit. Ensure that a maximum of two things only uses the same outlet. If you’re not using an appliance, then just unplug it to save you the cost and avoid an accident. Also, never use an electrical device that has been spilled by any liquid unless it has been checked thoroughly. Be aware of warnings signs including burned smell, flickering lights, and discoloration of wall outlets. Lastly, always check if fire alarms installed work well.

Falls | Injuries are also usually by falls which may result to fractured bone, head injury or a trip to the hospital. These may be caused by simple recklessness, wet and/or slippery floors, or clutter. To minimize the risk, make sure you spot all slippery parts in the house, especially the bathroom, and make some adjustments including change of flooring and securing non-slip stickers. Reinforce your stairs with solid handrails and install safety rails to support the sickly, elderly and children.

Pest Infestation | Concealed under the floor or swimming on clean water are insects that may bring bad health to you and your home. Pests such as termites, rats, cockroaches and mosquitoes are health dangers and should be exterminated before they invade every corner of your home. The hardest part though is how to detect that these pests exist, especially that they are only visible when things already go wrong like chipped wood and illnesses.

What can you do then? Do not ignore warnings signs such as droppings, odors, holes and sounds. You can ask for outside help like pest inspection professionals who have the expertise and technology to detect possible infestation, and gutter cleaning & repair contractors to remove mosquitoes already nesting near the roof. And always clean the house from any clutter and dispose unused materials that may result to breeding areas.

Drowning | For family homes with children, drowning is a possible hazard, and incidents that happen in bathtubs have increased drastically. While you may allow playing time during bath time, do not leave your children, especially toddlers, unattended while they take a bath. Also, ensure buckets are empty and away from water sources to avoid the kids from getting any chance to play around.

You and your family’s safety is always a priority at home. Dedicate extra time to identify potential dangers to minimize the risks of injury or accident. When you’re assured that precautions have been implemented, you sure can get a good sleep each night knowing that your family is safe inside.