For anyone planning to retire, the future might appear uncertain, but with the right investment strategies, you will have nothing to worry about as you head for retirement. There are numerous lucrative investment opportunities, especially among private companies that are available for the elderly. Here is a list of some of the most significant investments that you venture into to enable you to live that life you dreamt about once you retire.

1.  Exchange-Traded Funds

EFTs are asset portfolios that are either designed to parallel or keep track of stock movement. EFTs are similar to stocks, only that they have an added advantage of built-in diversification. While you are still working, consider purchasing the EFTs from a trustworthy broker. Some EFTs replicate the performances of junk bonds, future based commodity indices, or the emerging market stocks. Keep in mind that in the situation when there is less trading, the EFT might fail to replicate the underlying index performance; therefore, it might be an uncertain way to invest.

2.  Annuities

Well, these are contracts between you, the policyholder, and an insurance company. The insurance company will offer you a guarantee of a return on the capital that you have invested in; hence you will receive monthly payments from the insurer up until you pass on. Most annuities are structured to resemble equity investments or fixed-income investments. Experts at will advise any older adult to invest in a Retirement Rehab plan that secures your future. The current financial market resembles a casino, and you can never be sure, but with such an arrangement, you will have a reliable income that indefinitely flows into your account. You can always buy annuities from investment brokers and expect distributions that are a combination of growth and returned capital. However, in case you withdraw your funds earlier than expected, your money will attract penalties and tax charges.

3.  Investing in Real Estate

Some retirement plans will allow you to borrow money from a retirement account and use the money in investing in real estate. In such a scenario, the real estate is never held as part of the retirement account; therefore, the real estate doesn’t enjoy the tax-deferred benefits. There are a few risks associated with real estate investment, such as the loss of equity in a down market, damage done to the property, and the loss of tenants. You will, therefore, have to conduct thorough research and learn more about the financial risks, legal ramifications, and tax implications before you borrow against your retirement account.

4.  Mutual Funds

These funds are managed portfolios of bonds and stocks, and each fund is designed to achieve a particular objective. Most elderly Americans prefer mutual funds, with over 60% of them have invested in it in 2013. The investment strategy has been popular in recent years, considering that it’s tax-efficient, therefore, you expect more returns upon maturity.

5.  Bonds

A bond is a loan that you offer either a corporation or the national government, whereby they will agree to pay you a fixed interest rate up until your money matures. Consider investing in government bonds while you are still employed, and you can make the agreement that you will receive the dividends once you retire. The most significant advantage associated with the bonds is that they have a fixed rate and that the principal amount is assured as long as you wait till the money matures. Bonds are better than equity investments that lack a specific future value. The USA treasury bills and bonds are considered to be safest around the world, therefore try investing in them.

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6.  Income Partnerships

Energy master limited partnerships and real estate investment trusts are one of the most popular investment strategies embraced by most retirees considering that they have a higher cash distribution compared to dividends. Real investment trusts can own real estate mortgages, own property, manage assets, and rent collection while others are a combination of the three. When you invest in income partnerships, you will profit from any increase in the value of real estate value. You can either purchase MLPs or REITs from a trusted agent, although they are traded on exchanges similar to bonds or stocks.

The future is uncertain after retirement, but with the right investment, you can be assured of a worry-free and comfortable life. Unfortunately, you can never be so confident that any given asset will guarantee success. The above options would prove to be effective based on the investor’s risk profile, income needs, and their ability to manage and monitor the investments.