Elegance is subjective to the individual. While there is a commonly prescribed notion of what elegance truly is, as far as your home looking elegant, that is entirely in the eye of the beholder; the elegance of the bourgeois and the elegance of aristocracy are two entirely different things, but both subjective in their own right.

Make The Outside of Your Home Presentable

Some may find pleasure in decorating their home with fine arts. Some may derive joy from baroque patterns and buying cushions online for their sofa and chairs; another may perceive beauty in the erection of a marble pillar in their garden. Despite that, there are some universally accepted notions of sophistication and guides to turn your house and how to feign elegance on a budget; of course, these universally accepted principles are still, in essence, unique to the individual, they can still be applied at your discretion.

A significant aspect of elegance is cleanliness. A house disheveled and its interior in disarray will never meet the criteria of what elegance is. It is a given that for one to perceive elegance, that it must be elegant, dirt and rubbish will never be considered that. Elegance can be implemented on a budget, yes, but first, you must ascertain your home is not a dumpster. Start by cleaning your interior and exterior. There is little point in decorating the interior of your home like Buckingham Palace, but the outside of your home in a complete state, unkempt lawns, rubbish everywhere, or peeling paint are all massive turn-offs.

You should first repaint your house if the facade is chipping, tend to your lawn and plant a row of flowers, or grow some trees in your front yard. Erect a fence around your border to discern your property from everybody else’s, and keep your land clean.

elegant home

Keep The Inside of Your Home Clean and Orderly

Once you have corrected the exterior of your house, it is safe to assume you can move on to the interior. The first step, as aforementioned, is ensuring cleanliness and that everything is in its place. A thing you will notice about houses considered to be elegantly decorated is that everything within sits in its stratosphere, nothing encroaching on the territory of anything else.

While some things may coexist, they will never clash. A chair has its place, as does a portrait. You should never have items that do not belong with one another next to each other or on top of each other. The magazine pile’s place is not haphazardly in the corner of the room, rather in the drawer; the t-shirts do not find themselves a crumpled pile atop a chair, rather they too belong in a drawer. You must find places for everything and have them in their places at all times.

Portraits and Fine Artwork

Another aspect of elegant homes is portraits and photographs; you will see every home that is perceived to be elegant has its kind of gallery, no wall is free from paint on canvas, notable from a photograph. Memories are, after all, warmth, and being surrounded by memories of loved ones and good times will provide your home with an elegant warmth. It is important not to overdo it, however, as aforesaid, everything has its place, and you must not allow for things to intrude on others. You can pick artwork up for auction for a low price, or go to car boot sales where often vintage artwork is sold for terribly cheap prices.

Keep Your Furniture Spotless and Your Kitchen

Now, your home is tidy, the walls lined with photographs and portraits, how about the furniture? Feeding back into my last point with regard to everything having its place, a room must not be overwhelmed with furniture, and the furniture of a room must be effective. There is little point in keeping your surfboard in the living room; all that will do is having your sitting area appear to be a junk hotspot. It is not a garage; a garage is a garage.

Your kitchen should be well kept and cleaned all of the time. There is a lot to be said about a person whose kitchen is perpetually in terrible condition; they are more likely to be unkempt and filthy in other personal ways. Your kitchen must be clean, wiped down thoroughly, and not have haphazard items lying around – as aforesaid, and cannot be stressed enough: everything must have its place to portray elegance. Furniture must be effective, preferably antique to pull off your elegant vibe; your walls must be painted a color that does not scream infancy, they should not be bright pink, nor a black, preferably baroque wallpaper or something of that kind.

If you decide to decorate your home, it should be unique to you, and you should not do it to conform to any standards set forth by anybody else.  It is your home, and you must live with it, not them. Be yourself.