Writing in a hurry sounds like not the most straightforward way to success, but often it is what you need to do in order to submit your paper on time. It is surprising, but if you do everything right, your chances to come up with a quality paper are rather high. We know, you don’t have time for long introductions, so let’s get straight to business and get to know how to write a quality essay in 12 hours or even overnight.

Start With the Plan Even if You Hate the Idea

You may think that if you don’t have enough time for essay writing, it means you don’t have time for such banal things as writing a plan for your essay. Wrong! Without a well-thought-out, though brief plan you will get stuck every half an hour. Not having a good plan also provokes procrastination, and it is what you should avoid at any cost now. When writing a plan, don’t try to make it look good, make it easy to understand and practical.

Limit Your Research to Two Hours

Two hours are more than enough when it comes to writing essays. Research is very important for any academic paper, but you should not spend half of your time doing it, as this way you will be snowed under the variety of the references and won’t have enough time to analyze them and create a quality paper based on the results of that analysis. Let’s accept the fact that if you need to write an essay in 8-12 hours, it won’t be an example of an in-depth study. So your research should be just enough to make a paper not shallow. When you find some references you will definitely use, employ a citation generator and make in-text citations and bibliography entries immediately. You may think that in this case, you lose time, and you can do it at the last minute, but believe us, you won’t have that last minute for quality formatting, so it is better to prepare citations while writing. Two references for each point of your plan is enough to start.

Done Is Better Than Perfect Should Be Your Motto Now

If you take pride in being a perfectionist and this motto irritates you then you should consider not leaving your writing assignment to the last 12 hours before the submission. In this situation, your major goal is to finish an essay and do it according to the requirements given by your professor. Being in a hurry, many students don’t pay enough attention to the initial instructions. It is a huge mistake. Forget about your struggle to be creative and follow the given instructions carefully. This way, even if your final draft is not a piece of artwork, you will still receive decent points for the assignment.

Use Online Services to Get Things Done

Getting things done is a religion in management. You need to be productive, you need to deal with the tasks ahead of you, and almost no one is interested in which way you choose to it. Based on this, it is logical to use all the means available. For example, proofread your essays using several grammar and spelling checkers. If you use free versions, use several programs, as they employ different algorithms. You can also address a fast writing service with whom you do my essay for me struggle will be over, if the deadline is too close (like 6 hours from now) and you clearly see that you won’t be able to finish your essay at the needed level. The only idea you shouldn’t follow is to use online free samples to deal with your task faster, as all of them are plagiarised hundreds of times, and it is better not to submit a paper at all than to be caught using someone else’s work.